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(Ok so I'm sorry if this episode might b toned down from my usual randomness.  I'm just going threw some BS in school right now (not grade wise! No matter how retarded I act I assure u I have strait A's!) So Jes! Enjoy :D)

Rayla: Yo, Yo, Yo skittles! What's crack-a-lackin homes! Everything good in the kap Dog?!

TS -Destrey: -.-

Destrey: It's all good Bra! How's bout you? How's Shantey Gurl?!

Rayla: Oh she is FINE! Yo, I got to get this done, but we can talk later 'right?

Destrey: Fo SURE! u do your thing!
*Both burst out laughing*

TS: -___-

Rayla: *wipes tear from her eye* FINALLY! Someone who gets it! Anyways, Bla Bla Bla, No doughnut. No stay ever. So Bla ya lumps! First goes to Ebony!

Lucas: Um... We don't have an Ebony....

Rayla: Oh...ya.... I don't wanna do this ZAP! *Hits floor causing her to disappear and Shane to be in her place. Him wearing his PJs With a toothbrush in his mouth*

TS: 0.o

Shane: *spits out toothbrush* UHG! I told mom not to get her those!


Shane: *gets a paper airplane thrown at his head and he unfolds it* It says..... Cody is a gay, retarded, O.O I won't say that......

Cody: DX 

Shane: It also says 'Yo broham guy dude, pass out the stuff, Zeke doesn't get one..oops... *throws doughnuts to all but Zeke.

Zeke: What? But I was gonna win this time Yo! 

Shane: Sorry man, *shrugs* At least u got farther this time.

Zeke: I Guess.....See ya later homies! *dolphin+leaves=Bye Zeke!*

Shane: Well see ya on the marro! 

☺☀✪❀THE volgende DAY❀✪☀☺

Rayla: Ello campers! I have a new special guest that will be helping us on the show! She-

Crystal: WAIT!!!! Yous didn't intro!

Destrey: *grumbling* job stealer. 

Rayla: Cause we wouldn't wanna forget that. -.- Last time on Total Drama Blank! We went on an awesome camping trip! Which happened to have Awesome songs, crapy camps, and bears!

Star: Uh.. Ya about that... When will Noah be back?

Rayla: *shrugs* sometime today :P WHAT WILL HAPPEN THIS WEEK?! Find out only on Total. Drama! BLANK!!!! Anyways, As I was saying she'll chain herself to about anything she feels doesn't deserve to be taken away, 'Last of the American Girls' door Greenday is her theme song, she has survived 8 hunger strikes!, and she's Shane's best friend, IT'S EBONY!

(A girl with long black hair under a skull beanie. Who wears a save the trees V-neck with a jas over it, and some faded jeans comes out from behind Rayla.)

Ebony: hallo guys. What's up?

Cody: Wow.......:D

Gwen: *whispers to Duncan* I think I just got replaced :)*

Rayla: Well Ebony will be helping me and Shane out till chef gets back but I don't even freaking know when he's coming back so... Ya.... Shut ya face. Enjoy breccy! 

@ Z starburst table!

Crystal: So Mirra, u know that Cretan someone I like?

Mirra: u mean HIM?

Crystal: YA!

Mirra: Well?

Crystal: I'm gonna tell HIMI like him!

Mirra: That's great! HE will be thrilled!

Crystal: I cant wait to tell HIM!

Someone: God we all know your talking about Dj. No need to to put emphasis on 'He' of 'Him'.

Everyone: *LE GASP*

Star: NOAH 8D *runs up and hugs him*

Noah: OW! 

Star: Oh my spek hawk I'm sorry! What happened to your arm?

Noah: Nothing really just a beer scratch. *shrugs*

Star: AWWW pobrecito! Let's get u some food! *they sit* 

Crystal: Anyways, any advise on how to tell?

Mirra: Just be forward! Don't hesitate. Anything to add Alejandro? 

Alejandro: Well- *gets jabbed in the rib door Courtney* OW!

Courtney: *Makes zip it sign*

Alejandro: *stays quite*

Mirra: Alejandro? 

Alejandro: *Still doesn't respond* 

Mirra:.....: *Shrugs* Anyways..

Alejandro: UHG! ITS NOT WORKING!!! Why won't she understand I'm angry with her? *sighs* I guess this is my payback for playing all those chicas....*gets idea* Maybe this bad luck will disappear if I apologize to all who I seduced! I should probably apologise to the ones I was really evil to also... *looks into camera* Bridghette, Heather, Lindsey I am truly sorry for how I acted last season.... I hope u may forgive me! Now for the rest!


Cody: *staring dreamily at Ebony and sighs*

Owen: Go talk to her man!

Cody: Oh ya I will. She'll be all over this! *flexes arms just to toon no muscles* :( well I'm still gonna!

Destrey: WAIT! Before ya do! *looks around* Ok no barking spiders u SHALL PASS!

Cody: Ok....? *walks over to Ebony* Yo Ebony!

Ebony: Oh hey...Cody Right?

Cody: So you've heard of me?

Ebony: No..... There's a note on your overhemd, shirt that says 'Hi I'm Cody. I enjoy gawking at Noah, Peeing myself, and playing with darth vader dolls.....

Owen & Des: *burst out laughing*

Cody: GRRR... 

Ebony: Uh....

Cody: Anyways, none of Those are true! 

Ebony: Then why did u waste paper writing it?

Cody: I-I didn't. 

Ebony: Sure.

Shane: hallo Ebony!

Ebony: Oh hallo Shane! Long time no see!

Shane: Ya....

Ebony: Thanks a lot for getting me this job! I was barley getting enough money to buy some cup-a-noodles with my last job! *hugs him*

Shane: *blushes* hallo no prob.....

Cody: ): *mopes back over to his seat* I think I already lost her.....

Destrey: Oh C'mon! No need to give up up hope.

Cody: I guess.....


(。・`ω´・)ΘƲτ Șίɖε!!!!

Rayla: Well imma just give ya a free dag cause I have no idea what to do for a challenge so... I'll just have ya sing a song and u can go.

All: *groan*

Rayla: TSK TSK y'all should know door now! Also heard most of ya are having relation ship problems while I'm still forever Alone xP....SING CAUSE YO MAMA SAID!

Alejandro: Love me cancerously
Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea
Courtney: "High maintenance" means
You're a gluttonous queen
Narcissistic and mean

Gwen: Kill me romantically
Lucas: Fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum
LeShawana: bitter and dumb
You're my sugarplum
Cody: You're awful...I love you!

All: She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed
Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh, "Love me dead!"
Love me dead!

Cody: You're a faith-healer on TV
Crystal: You're an office park without any trees
Corporate and cold
Gushing for gold
Dj: Leave me alone

Destrey: You're a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature, finger-bangin' my heart
Ava: u call me up drunk
Does the fun ever start?
Owen: You're hideous...and sexy!

All: She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed
It must be the sign on my head
That says, oh, "Love me dead!"
Love me dead!
Wow! Uh!

Robin: Love me cancerously...
All: Brrrot-da-da-da-da-da!
Billy: How's your new boy?
Does he know about me?
You've got the mark of the beast
Noah: You're born of a jackal! You're beautiful!

All: She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed
Wha' 'bout the sign on my head?
That says, oh, "Love me dead!"
Love me dead! Love me dead! Love me dead!!

Rayla: *in high-pitched voice* AMAZING! Oh ya! I learned a new trick from Adventure Time! *throws down key and a door appears* HATERS GONNA HATE! :D *Jumps threw door*

Samanthat: Yokes.... 


Alejandro: Now who to apologies to next.....?

Gwen, LeShawana, & Duncan: *walking by*

Alejandro: *snaps his fingers* Of course! :D *Walks over to them* Holla chikas, bromigo....

LeShawana: What do u want?!

Duncan: If u came to trying to kiss my pasty, Consider yourself dead. *LeShawana&Duncan look at Gwen*!

Duncan: Fail.....:P


Alejandro: *clears throat* Anyways, I wanted to apologise to u LeShawana. I had no right to seduce u last season. And Duncan and Gwen? I am very sorry I made Tyler tell on u two.

All 3: 8O

Alejandro: Now I have to go apologise to others. *walks off*

All 3: 8O


Crystal: So Dj....?

Dj: Yo?

Crystal: I've been meaning to tell you....

Dj: Crystal there's a....

Crystal: I really..

Dj: Crystal!!!

Crystal: I really like u :)

Dj: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *runs off screaming.

Crystal: :( Wha......? 

Monster: GRRRRRRR!!!!!

Crystal: HOLY! AHHHGHHHH!!! *runs off*


Destrey: Gather 'round kiddies! Father Destrey has a story for u all!

*Mirra, Owen, Geoff, Noah, and ster gather round*

Destrey: Court, ya coming? 

Courtney: UGH!

Destrey: *shrugs* 

Courtney: D:< NICE PANTS FAGGOT FACE! *storms off*

Destrey:.....................SHE LIKES MY PANTS :D

Courtney: UHG! How am I supposed to make him jelouse  if he doesn't even notice I'm ignoring him! Time for plan B >:D

Destrey: THANKS COURT! :D As I was saying-

Alejandro: Um... Owen.... I would like to say I am sorry! I did not deserve to treat u like I did last season. So... Um yes.... *walks off* 

All: 8O

Destrey: DANGIT I FORGOT WHAT MY STORY WAS! *pretends to cry* I'm sorry! 3: *runs off*

Mirra: *sighs* I'm gonna go talk to him. *Fallows* 

*Door appears and Rayla walks threw*

Rayla: Y'all no need to be here! *pushes Geoff and Owen threw door*

Noah: Where does that take them?

Rayla: *shrugs and throws down key and jumps threw door*

Noah: So Star.... I really Li-

Star: Like u :D Me to.....

Noah: Great! :)



Owen: So then the monster ate us and I ended up here! I don't know where Geoff is Thoe!
Cody: Ya, ya, great. So what should I do?!

Owen: Well, u gotta seem better then Shane! Which will be really hard because he's SHANE! I mean who wouldn't love a person who looks like a cartoon!

Cody: -.-

Rayla: *comes out of door* WELL! This episode is pointless and u all probably hate it but whatever! Ebony questions!

Ebony: So.... Was this episode pure shiz nipple?, What do ya think of me?, Uh.....why are most of the free days fluffy?! u probably won't find out volgende time on Total. Drama! BLANK!!!!

Destrey: Wait......SHE DOESN'T LIKE MY PANTS!!! D:<

(Ya.... I'm disappointed with this...... We'll leave vragen and stuff! PEACE! Abby/Starburst-Rock!) 
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