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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Reality Check! Are contestants got in 2s and raced around the film lot. They stopped at 2 pit-stops to do a side challenge. And man was it messy. In the end, thanks to Garrett's un-tied shoe, he cost his team the win. Making him go in the Bug-o-shame saying good-bye. (thunder is heard) Who will win? Who will scream? Find out right now on Total... Drama... Reality Check! (thunder is heard)

(Theme song)

(Team Real's Girl's Trailer)
(Thunder is heard)
Maylene: (under covers in the bed) (screams)
Alice: Dang, it is really pouring hard out there.
Ashley: Do u think We'll still do the challenge today?
Fawn: Chris will do the challenge if there was a tornado outside. Nothing stops Chris.
Ashley: true.
Marissa: (reading book in the bed) What do u think the challenge will be?
Alice: No idea. What reality shows are left?
Fawn: There are like hundreds of Reality shows out there. Chris could do anyone of them.
Alice: True.
Maylene: (screams)
Alice: Will u stop that Maylene?
Maylene: I'm scared of thunder.
Fawn: Don't worry Maylene, thunder can't hurt you.
Maylene: Yes it can!
Marissa: (puts book down) ummm.. no it can't lighting can.
Maylene: No taking any chances.

(Team Fake Boy's Trailer)
Draven: I'm hungry.
Mathew: Yeah. Me too. I'm going to the mess hall to see if there's any food in there. Anyone wanna come with?
Draven: I will.
Blake: Nah. I'll stay here.
Vincent: me too.
Mathew: Suit yourself.
(Mathew and Draven exit)

(Team Fake's Girl's Trailer)
Annie: Got any 10's?
May: Go fish. Got any 3's?
Annie: aggghhh...
May: Oh yeah! I win!
Annie: Aggghh...
(Uni barks)
Elisa: Don't worry Uni. Everything will be okay.
(Liza and Lia enter)
Layla: Hey, where have u guys been?
Liza: we've been in the confessionals.
Layla: Talking about what?
Lia: None of your business.


Liza: I can't stand to live with Layla no more. She is making me pull all of my hair out. The volgende time we lose, she is out!

Lia: Annie thinks she can get Jordan at the end of the show. But I'm here to tell u that that's not true. I will win Jordan if it's the last thing i do!


(Team Real Boy's Trailer)
Robert: Who's ready to get something to eat.
Jordan: Chris usually tells us door now.
Cole: So, I'm hungry. Let's go Robert.
Chilly: I'll come too!
Cole: Okay...
(Chilly, Cole, and Robert exit)
Lance: u know what? I'll go too. (exits)
Jordan: (sigh) I guess It's only u and me Joss.
Joss: (nods head)

(Mess hall)
(Mathew and Draven are already in here when Cole, Chilly, Robert, and Lance enter)
Robert: Where's Chef?
Mathew: No idea. Foods not ready yet.
Lance: What? Really?
Chilly: Man. I'm starving.
Draven: We all are.
Cole: Is Chris even here?
Mathew: Nope.
Chilly: Where is everyone?
Chris: hehe... today's challenge is based on the reality toon Scare Tactics. Where vrienden scare other friends. But today. It's me who tries to scare the contestants. If they scream, they will fall down a trap door and come here to me. The team with the last person standing, wins. But the contestents won't know until they either scream and come here, of when the challenge is over. hehe... let's see how it goes.
(Team Real's Girl's Trailor)
Fawn: wow. Its raining harder out there.
Alice: I'm just suprised it's not flooding out there.
Marissa: ummmm... It is.
Maylene: (screams and falls through the bed)
Ashley: like where's Maylene?
Alice: I think she fell through the bed somehow.
Ashley: AHHHHHH!!! Ghost!! (falls through the floor)
Fawn: Wh- where's Ashley?

(Team Fake's boy's Trailor)
Blake: where are the other's? I cant believe they're not back yet.
Vincent: I don't know.
Blake: I'm going to go look for them, (gets up and tries to open the door but can't) it's locked.
Vincent: let me try. (tries to open door but can't) hmmmm.... That's odd.
Blake: do u think Chris locked it?
Vincent: maybe. of maybe the water is too high.
Blake: maybe... Hmmmm...
(Team Fake's Girl's trailor)
Annie: anyone else hungry?
Lia, Layla, May, Lily, and Elisa: me!
Annie: I'm going to go see if there's any food in the mess hall. (goes to open door but cant)
May: what's wrong?
Annie: the door's locked. Either the water's too high of Chris locked us in.
Lia: I bet the 2nd one.
Lily: me too.
(Uni barks)
Elisa: it's okay Uni. It's okay. Don't be scared.
(Mess hall)
Mathew: Chris? Chef? Where are they?
(Chef comes out of the keuken-, keuken walking very slowly)
Lance: oh there he is!
Draven: Chef? Can u get us some food?
Chef: I'm hungry.
Cole: yeah. Yeah. We are too. Now go in there and make us some of your slop u call food.
Chef: give me your blood.
Robert: no way man. This blood is mine.
(Chef is getting closer to them)
Chilly: aaaa... Guys.
Draven: what?
Chilly: look at Chef's eyes.
(camera zooms in on Chef's red eyes)
Cole: th- there red.
Chef: blooooood.
Robert: Oh no... Chef is like a robotic vampire of something.
Chef: BLOOOOOD!!!!
Mathew: let's get out of here!
(Cole, Chilly, Robert, Lance, Mathew, and Draven exit)
(Team Real's boy's trailer)
Jordan: so how are u and Liza doing?
Joss: me and wh-
(Lance, Cole, Robert, and Chilly run in and close the door)
Jordan: what's wrong guys? u look like u saw a ghost.
Lance: no. meer like a vampire.
Joss: (screams and falls through the floor)
Jordan: Joss?!
Robert: where did he go?
Jordan: I... I don't know...
(Team Fake's boy's trailor)
Blake: what are we going to do?
Vincent: wait. That's all we need to do.
Blake: (sigh) okay.
Tara: Vincent...
Vincent: Tara?
Blake: what? Who's Tara? Where's Tara?
Vincent: outside.
Blake: I don't see anybody.
Tara: Vincent... I need you...
Vincent: I NEED u TOO!!! (starts tearing up) I miss u Tara....
Blake: who the heck is Tara?!?!?
Vincent: (screams) I need u Tara!!! (runs and brakes down the door and runs out)
Blake: Wo! Good job Vincent! Vincent? Where are you?
(Team Fake's Girl's trailor)
Lia: agggghh... It's not working!
Lily: I could try.
Layla: no way! I'm doing it! verplaats aside! (pushes Lily to the side)
(Lily closes her eyes and the turn red when she opens them)
Phoenix: no way! It's my turn!
Layla: oh look who's back. Stupid Phoenix!
Phoenix: don't call me stupid! I'm the one who is going to save the day!
Layla: yeah right.
Phoenix: (pushes Layla on the ground, grabs the tooth pick put of Lia's hand and pick-locks the door) there.
May: good job Lil- I mean Phoenix!
(Uni barks of joy)
Elisa: u can say that again Uni!
Liza: come on guys! Let's go!
Annie: yeah. Food here we come!
(Annie, Lia, Lily(as Pheonix), Liza, Layla, May, and Elisa run out and May trips over a dead intern)
May: ow!
Lia: what's wr- oh no.
May: what is it? What did I trip over?
Elisa: the intern it's-
Liza: dead.
(all scream and fall through the ground)
(Team Real's girl's trailor)
Alice: (sigh) I wonder how Cole is doing.
Marissa: I wonder how Joss is doing.
Fawn: oh does someone have a crush on Joss?
Marissa: what? No....
Alice: I bet u do.
Marissa: so what does it matter? Every girl has a crush on some boy.
Fawn: Not me.
Alice: mhm... Sure..
Fawn: I don't. I'm lesbian.
Alice: oh well u don't count.
Fawn: oh and what is that suppose to mean?
Alice: nouthing.
Fawn: mhm... Sure...
(team Real's boy's trailor)
Jordan: so u guys got no food?
Cole: we're u not listening to our story? Vampire Chef chased us out.
Jordan: oh right...
(knock on door)
Robert: I'll get it!
Chilly; Robert wait don-
(Robert opens door, sees Chef, screams, closes it, and then falls through the ground)
lance: where did Robert go?
Cole: he somehow went through the floor.
Chilly: but h-
(Chef kicks down the door and opens a box of bees and let's them out into the room and the closes the door)
Jordan: (screams) I'm ilergic! (falls through the floor)
(Lance, Chilly, and Cole scream and fall through the floor)
(Jordan, Lance, Chilly, and Cole fall through the ceiling)
Chris: and team Real has only 3 people left and team Fake has only 3 people left! Who will win??
(Team Fake's boy's trailor)
(Draven and Mathew run in)
Draven: what happened to the door?
Mathew: where's Vincent?
Blake: I don't know. The door was locked then he started talking to some chick named Tara who I could see. Then he ran out the door and dissapeaered.
Mathew: maybe Tara is a ghost and she took Vincent to the underworld with her.
(Blake and Draven look at Mathew)
Mathew: what? It could happen.
(Team Real's Girl's trailor)
(Alice and reekalf, fawn are dancing with muziek in the back ground and Marissa is sitting on the bed reading a book)
Chris: no one seems to be screaming... Hmmmm... Time to change that. Oh Chef? Flooding time.
(Chef nods head)
Chris: what is flooding time? Find out when we return!

(Team Real's girl's trailor)
(music is playing and Marissa is reading a book)
Alice: come on Marissa. Party with us.
Marissa: no. I want to read.
(the Trailor moves making Marissa drop her book)
Marissa: Wo! Did u do that?! So uncalled for!
Alice: it wasnt me!
Fawn: (opens door and screams)
Alice: what is it?
Fawn: the trailor it's- (she falls through the ground)
Marissa and Alice: FAWN!
Alice: what happened to her?
Marissa: I don't know... (Sees out side and screams)
Alice: what?
Marissa: we're floating a- (falls through the ground) WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!
Alice: Marissa? Oh no. I'm alone.
(team Fake's boy's trailor)
(the water is in the trailor and the boys are floating)
Mathew: oh no... (screams) we're gonna die!!! (sinks under the water)
Blake: oh no! Mathew! (looks under the water)
Draven: do u see him?
Blake: no. His not there.
Draven: where is he?
(Team Real's Girl's trailor)
Alice: I'm going to die!!! (screams then gets pulled under the water)
(Alice falls down)
Chris: and Alice is out! That makes Team Fake the winners!!! Team Real loses!
Alice: wait. Loses what?
Chris: I'll tell u in a secound. Let's bring Draven and Blaje down here for the fun.
(Team Fake's boy's trailor)
Blake: oh no!
Draven: what?
Blake: something's got my. (sinks underwater)
Draven: hehe... I'm alone.... (sinks underwater)
(Blake falls down called door Draven who lands ontop of him)
Draven: wow. That was a soft landing.
Blake: tell that to my back...
Chris: conragulatons Draven and Blake! Your team wins!
Draven: wins what?
Chris: Today's challenge! It was to not scream. Who ever screamed, loses. u 2 were the only ones who didn't scream. u win! Team Real, I'll see u guys tonight.

Okay. So Team Real has to vote someone off. u can either inbox me of commentaar below. I'm on my IPod now so I cannot get on Meebo so u can't IM me the votes.

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