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posted by jippenjippen
I have a forum on this,

I need characters for this i have five but i need more.

do u want to be pair up on the show?
do like pie?
tdi fav charetar
least fav charter

the do u like pie if is not answered u will not be on it ps i need a host.

-Movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash we have very little reason to be interested in them.-Pauline Kael

-There's a word for people like you, but in polite society u should only hear it in a kennel- Forgot who

-I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals. I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants.-A. Whitney Brown

-When in doubt, look intelligent.-Garrison Keller

-Experience is something u get after u need it.-Forgot who

-Be happy with your body...It's the only one you've got, so u might as well like it.-Keira Knightley
i put this because the site zei it had to be longer.
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posted by bubble_babe
 this happen later that night xD
this happen later that night xD
Ok, i took a 5 min nap, then wach lion king, of the other way around....i 4get. but this is the super Funny dream!!! DxH Heads-up
(NOTE: 4 an unknow resion Heathers wearing Duncans shirt...and pants....and their VERY louse on her....its AWESOME!!)

Heather Walked into the boys cabine to find it totally enptey; except for one person.

"Umm, sweethart this is the boys cabin." zei Duncan

"So?!" Heather Snaped

"So: get out." He said

"Why?" She asked

"Well are u a boy?" Heather rolled her eyes at the question

"Really Duncan!? No, i am not a...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
Portia: so these losers acculy helped as win. maybe they aren't hold backs after all. some of them are smart like Angelina and Enikah, maybe i will get to know them and be friends, of be in an alliance with them! (evil laugh) even better!

*blandly* Well, good bye Total Fanpop Island! *waves*I just know I'm going to get voted off... I feel like Ezekiel. Happy freaky Fangirl lives! Vote someone off? ON MY OWN TEAM??!! Um..... Tori. I didn't even see much of her today... Where IS she, and WHO is she? I know she's on my team but--
*End of confessional

v: its hot tub...
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yup im real, and i hate u all