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Chasia:Okay teamss....Jared,Rayven,Aydan,Penny,Duncan,Harold Trent. volgende is Annie,Dani,Katie,Sadie,Eva and Chris.

Katie and Sadie:EEEEEEEEE!!!!


Aydan and Jared:EEEEEE!!!*laughs*

Rayven:FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!*stomps off*

Chasia:okay then



Chasia:Now,our challenge is a staring contest. Jared and Annie,Rayven and Dani,Aydan and Katie,Sadie and Duncan,Penny and Eva and a 3-way with Trent,Chris and Harold.


Aydan:Katie!!OMG I see Lady Gaga!!!

Katie:OHMIGOSH,WHERE *blinks and looks the other way*

Chasia:1 point for Aydan's team.


Annie:Heyyy *blushes*


Chasia:1 point for Annie's team

*the challenge ends with 4 points for Aydan's team and 4 for Annies team.*

Chasia:Okay,each team gets 1 person voted off,Now,go to your cabins

*at cabins*

Jared:*pokes Duncan rapidly*

Duncan:Will u stop it??!!?!

Jared:No *makes :3 face*

Aydan:*sitting on the bed with Annie*Soo,I hear u like Jared



Annie:It's not my fault *stands up*

Aydan:*stands up* Yes it is *walks off to her bed*

Chasia:Heheheeeh,Wait until volgende time for the elimination,see ya!!

(Elimination is chose randomly)
Courtney had gegeven up on trying to keep track of where Duncan was carrying her. After heading through a series of alleys and open areas behind tenement buildings full of trash and rats, they were in some neighborhood of downtown Chicago that was even meer poor than the one that Frank lived in. Besides that, Courtney was completely lost. She couldn’t run away now, at all. If she tried, she’d get lost and maybe end up getting raped door some dirt-poor man who was divorced. Courtney silenced a gasp with her palm. Was Duncan going to rape her?

Well he is really hot…

Courtney slapped herself to...
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*Chris and Chef walk out of an air plan* "Hello fans! This is season 3 of..." Chris started. "Total....Drama...." he continued. "the musical!!!!!" Chris sang. "You remeber our origal campers,contestants but now they are the performers on this totally awesome toon staring ME!" Chris said. "Another season are u serious?!" Gwen said. "Yeah but theres like new contestants this time!" Chris said. "Anyway lets meet our new contestants." The lame-o-sine pulled up. "This is Izabel!" Chris said. A pretty girl stepped out. She had red-brown long curly hair. and seemed nice."OMG! im on total drama the...
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posted by GwenTrentDude
Chapter 3: The party

When they arrived at Jareds house there was alot of people there. It was a nice big 2 floor house and everyone was dancing in the living room and the back yard. " Woooo! Jared can through a good party!" Lauren zei as Geoff bumped into her. " Oh but Lauren Geoff here can throw good parties too." Andi zei as Geoff smiled. " How do u know they're names?" Lauren zei as she got a cup from the tafel, tabel and drank it. " Because Chris told me before he got here!" She zei as she was looking for her friends. " Alright guys go have fun!" She zei as everyone spilt up and walked around...
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posted by dxarmy423
Duncan: hallo smart guy want a piercing
Noah: maybe after the shows over
Noah: I want to freak my parents out

Chris: Who ate all the gilded chris awards
*owen sits behind the bleachers*
Owen: mmmmm chocolate!!!!!!!!!

*at playas de losers*
Courtney: hallo duncan they got ddr here
Duncan: so what I dont dance
Courtney: come on it will be fun
Duncan: fine
*Duncan starts to dance and falls out the window*
Courtney: are u ok
Duncan: I told u I dont dance

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Chris: Hi Im chris mclean with the volgende season of the total drama series TOTAL DRAMA CULDESAC!!!

Chris: The new teams are Team Scam and Team perzik creek.

Team Scam:

1. Nazz
2. Katie
3. Marie
4. Owen
5. Ezekiel
6. Tyler
7. LeShawna
8. Sadie
9. Trent
10. Kevin
11. Justin
12. Noah
13. DJ
14. Sarah
15. Courtney
16. Harold

Team perzik Creek:

1. Eva
2. Ed
3. Gwen
4. Jimmy
5. Lindsay
6. Johnny 2x4
7. Bridgette
8. May
9. Beth
10. Geoff
11. Edd
12. Izzy
13. Rolf
14. Lee
15. Duncan
16. Eddy

First Challenge- The Afterschool Race

Chris: u have to race from the school to the culdesac.

Chris: The races will be contested under best 2 out of 3.

Race 1: Noah vs. Rolf

Race 2: Owen vs. Jimmy

Race 3: Nazz vs. Eva

Please vote for who u want to win door leaving a commentaar below. Voting ends on July 20th.
posted by coolguy111606
After watching all of the TDI episodes on Youtube, I got bored, and got into Survivor.

I realized that TDI does seem like a miniature copy of Survivor, but they are totally different.

But that's not what I'm typing this artikel though, its about the drama in each show. So what is the main question...

Which toon has meer DRAMA?

Total drama island's most dramatic moments:
-Heather reading Gwen's diary and kicking Justin off.
-Heather making an alliance to help only herself.
-Harold out of no where winning challenges, but continuously gets pranked door others.
-Harold getting Courtney off.

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