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DandC4evacute posted on Feb 22, 2012 at 10:16PM
this is an rp.

2. if you start something, make sure that you can add everyone in it too!


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een jaar geleden Kileybabie304 said…
Cassie: I had a twin but.... (sigh) she died. (Looks down and sad) but..... (realizes her sad expression and straightens up) I'm sorry, it was a... very touching subject.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: *claps* yay!!!

Cassidy: Nice you meet you. I'll take good care of her.

Dylan: her name is rachel.

Cassidy: okay. Where are you two heading?

Sabrina: oh... I'm so sorry.
een jaar geleden Kileybabie304 said…
Cassie: oh, no! It's fine, it wasn't your fault.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: why do you wanna go with me so badly?

Addison: we are just here in the park right now.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: Because....... I'm going too, and I wouldn't want you to miss this big event.

Cassidy: oh, just a walk in the park. I remember that's how your mom and dad made you.

Dylan: eww!!! too much. how do you even know that?

Cassidy: my boyfriend at the time did the same thing.

Sabrina: I know, but I shouldn't hav-

*the bellrings for class to start*

Art teacher: okay class. *give the class an art assignment*
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een jaar geleden Kileybabie304 said…
Cassie: *does the assignment*
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: you're five years younger than me. What do you mean, "You're going too?"

Addison: okay then.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: I helped out..... well, I just brought one bowl of punch, but I helped out.

Cassidy: *laughs* I heard that you guys are going to the reunion tonight. you guys only have like 5 hours until they begin. I'll watch her as you guys walk around the park and get dressed later.

Dylan: you sure?

Cassidy: of course.

Dylan: *looks at addison* are you okay with that?

Sabrina: *texting in her phone*
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: wait. How did you know?

Sebastian: it's not spiked, is it?
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Cassidy: My sister tells me everything.

Jenny: what?! of course! not! of course not!
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: wow. Alright then.

Sebastian: a little hesitant there.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: Shall we go to the park for a bit?

Rachel: *waves bye to addison and smiles* bye. bye. mama.

Jenny: you know i'm kidding. I'm making changes in my life now.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: bye sweetie!!

Sebastian: okay. Whatever.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *walks to the park with addison and wraps his arm around her waist*

Jenny: what will you wear?
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *smiles* *kisses his cheek*

Sebastian: maybe a blazer and some dress pants?
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *smiles* remember when we first met?

Jenny: I'll wear my first option prom dress that I didn't wear.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: how could I forget? I was kind of a bitch back then.

Sebastian: you still bought it?
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: Yeah I did.

Dylan: yeah, you were. the biggest.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: *sighs* fine.

Addison: *sarcastic* thanks, babe.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *laughs* you know I love kidding with you.

Jenny: what? I wasn't going to just leave it there, i bought it just in case.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *chuckles* I know.

Sebastian: when I was in high school, being homosexual was still considered "bad."
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *kisses her*

Jenny: well, it's 2016. it's time to stop being all PC about everything.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *kisses back*

Sebastian: this is not gonna be fun.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: want to go buy some icecream over there?

Jenny: Nobody's going to care that you're gay.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: sure!

Sebastian: yeah, but they ARE gonna care that I was bullied.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *walks to the icecream stand with addison* what flavor did you want?

Jenny: they'll feel bad and apologize.

Dustin: Are you ready for your princess ballerina performance tonight?

Penny: yeah!!!

Dustin: let's get you dressed.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: can I have a banana split?

Sebastian: *sighs* I still don't know why you're doing this.

Tiffany: so cute.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
IceCream guy: sure thing. *gives her order* here you go.

Dylan: I want just a plain vanilla ice cream cone.

IceCream Guy: *gives his order* here you go.

Dylan: thanks. *pays him*

IceCream Guy: *takes his payment* you're welcome.

Jenny: to get you out of your comfort zone.

Penny: *rolls her eyes at Tiffany*

Dustin: be nice penny.

Penny: *sighs* thank you Tiffany.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: yum!

Sebastian: okay, fine.

Tiffany: I was actually in ballet when I was your age.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: yum?

Jenny: yay!!! *claps*

Penny: really?
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: it tastes good!

Sebastian: don't do that.

Tiffany: yeah!
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: I know, but "yum"? *laughs a bit* you're usually the one who never says anything like that.

Jenny: *stops* okay then

Penny: *crosses her arms and turns away* Well, I am better than you.

Dustin: penny!

Penny: hmph!
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: the baby has changed me.

Sebastian: whoa. I didn't expect you to ACTUALLY stop.

Tiffany: no, it's fine.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: yeah, I get it..... She changed me too.

Jenny: haha, very funny.

Penny: *walks to the car and gets in the back*

Dustin: *sighs* I was really hoping she would get closer to you.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *smiles* hopefully for the better.

Sebastian: *pretends to be clueless* that was a joke?

Tiffany: it probably will take a while.
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him*

Jenny: well.... Uh.... yeah!.....I think.

Dustin: *gets in the car and starts it*
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *kisses him*

Sebastian: wow, okay.

Tiffany: *gets in car*
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *kisses back*

Jenny: let's get dressed we have 3 hours until the event starts.

Dustin: *drives off to Penny's school* Excited penny?

Penny: yeah! especially since you're here.

Dustin: of course. *stops the car and get out
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: how about we go and get dressed?

Sebastian: okay, fine.

Tiffany: *gets out of the car*
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: of course. *walks to the car, gets in and starts the car*

Jenny: OKay!! *runs to the room and gets dressed*

Dustin: *gets penny out the car and walks to the back of the auditorium*
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: *gets in car*

Sebastian: *gets dressed in his room*

Tiffany: *follows*
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Dylan: *drives home*

Jenny: *posing in the mirror* oh, yeah!

Penny: *runs and talks to her friends*

Dustin: *smiles at her*

Teacher: Okay parents, we start in 30 minutes, please take your seats.

Dustin: *walks to his seat, then suddenly his phone rings* uhh, *to tiffany* hold on a second. *gets up and walks away while talking on the phone*
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Addison: ...

Sebastian: *sighs*

Tiffany: oh crap...
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: *gets in the car and starts it* come on Sebastian!

Dylan: *arrives at the house and goes inside the room and gets dressed*

Dustin: now?.... okay, I'll be there.... Bye. *hangs up ans sighs, then walks to tiffany* I have to return to work, it's something important that I have to do.
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: *sighs* *gets in car*

Addison: *does same*

Tiffany: *sighs* okay...
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: *drives to the high school* memories.

Dylan: Ready?

Dustin: *sighs and gives her the car keys* I'll take a cab. *walks outside and takes the cab to work*
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een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: "memories"? You stopped like last year.

Addison: yup.

Tiffany: *looks down*
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: yeah, I know, But i miss it.

Dylan: *gets in the car*

*the performance start and the curtains rise up and the music plays*

Penny: *smiles at the crowd, then she looks for Dustin and realizes that he's gone, the she gasp with a shocked look*

Teacher* *clears throat to get penny's attention*

Penny: *snaps out of it and straightens up and starts the performance*
een jaar geleden DandC4evacute said…
Sebastian: *under his breath* maybe you shouldn't have skipped so many days, then...

Addison: *follows*

Tiffany: *pulls out her phone and starts recording her performance*
een jaar geleden Or3oGurl said…
Jenny: Something wrong?

Dylan: Let's take a picture. *pulls out his phone and selfie*

*20 minutes later*

Penny: *finishes her performance then bows*