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 My Least favoriete Characters
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posted by TDIfangirl
Justin: hallo Alejandro! Guess what I did last night?
Alejandro: Finally accepted your homosexuality and went to a gay bar?
Alejandro: u son of a-
*10 minuten later*
Alejandro: *knocking furiously on the door*
Heather: WTF, Alejandro? It's 6 am!
Alejandro: ...Mi amor! *hugs her*

Justin: ..Okay, they're together. Now where's my cake? I was promised cake!

Courtney: B-but..I don't understand..why'd he do it?
Love therapist: Are u joking? You're like the poster girlfriend for bad girlfriends. u kicked him between the legs so many times that even of u did get back together,...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 the preposal in coourtneys head
the preposal in coourtneys head
me:be sure to leave a commentaar and rate this i know sometimes u read an artical and don't relize maybe how much efort they put into... wow i am getting deep so please rate it and leave a commentaar hope u like it.
ps i am going to bleep out all the last names so leave a coment on what u want there last names to be.k

(they ran around the block and were almoast there)

Gwen: hallo can we slow down if u havent noticed i don't work out that much.

Trent: (in a teasing voice)sure babe i will slow down with u

(gwen punches him in the arm)

Trent: OOWW, for someone who doesn't work out u sure do...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
(in the parking lot btw this is suposed to be like 2 weeks frome the previos episodes)

Bridgette: ok so i have plenty of food at my house and my parents are out of town for like 2 weeks so lets go.

Trent: ok so i invited DJ, beth, lindsay, owen, izzy, well pritty much the hole tdi cast exept for home pagina school,eva,heather,and noah, and these other 2 girls and guys who i think u will like.

Courtney: what are there names?

Trent: don't remeber, but i will toon u them at the party.

(at bridgettes house the girls put on sexy dresses and the guys stay the same)

me: i didn't add brian as a image...
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It used to be so strange.
couldn't figure out my feelings for you.
i was good,you were bad,and it didnt match.
but they used to say,that u and me,meant to be but i wasnt sure,couldnt figure it out.

we were so different.
but i think im learning a lot from you.
it wasnt like this,wasnt like,when we first kissed.

it didn't use to be like this,wasn't always this tough.
always trying to get me to crawl back to you,but it wont work.
though i know,how much i love you.
but its not the same,not the same,oh,oh,oh,no.

i left,for a while,and u got so lonely.
so you,made a friend.
she was a lot like you.
i saw the...
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Just A Video With All The Characters Coming Back For Total Drama The Musical
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This video was made from Superfipper76.
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Check it out this is the TDI theme song mixed with the new version of the 6teen one.
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thx cyd12!