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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
ok so yea everyone knows about geoff and bridgette but im dedicating this one to tdifangirl because i remember her saying shes gonna make an artical about g+b. sooo....
geoff and bridgetteloved each other too much he wanted to marry her but there was 1 problem, they were miners and didnt want to wait. they went on google to research it and heres what it said
"if u wanna get married but your still a miner u can get married in georgia...""cool we can do that"said bridgette
"no we cant.. not yet"said geoff "why not?"
"because u didnt read the rest"
".......only if your PREGNET"
"oh..."there was...
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Hi! Again I'm doing top, boven ten total drama characters.For this lijst I'm counting even the miner characters like Chris, Chef and Mr cocanut So lets start!

10. Noah
He's truly a funny character. Even through a lot of the people on this lijst are. His voice and scarseam (sorry if i didn't spell that right) a lot of the time what make him funny and enjoyable character.

9. Gwen
She's been compared with Courtney many times.Sometimes with ships like with Duncan. And which one is better but who really cares. I like both i like Gwen cause she's loyal and nice.She seems to be smart too!

8. Dj
Ok maybe he...
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