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(INFO u MAY WANT TO KNOW: the total drama series never happened. Duncan and Courtney have been dating on and off- but no one knows about it. They both love each other but are afraid to admit it.)

All 6 of us were going down to the strand that morning. The boys were told to meet us down stars in the lobby at 8:30 on the dot. It was now 8:45 and I hadn’t left my room yet. I was in the bathroom throwing up. After I washed out my mouth, I slide some shorts on over my black bikini, grabbed my strand bag, and headed to the elevator.

I got down in the lobby and walked up to my vrienden “Sorry I’m...
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posted by HNismyfriend
 Duncan flips off a fan <3
Duncan flips off a fan <3

* Duncan is one of the few campers to be seen in every episode (others being Owen, Gwen, and Heather) of Total Drama Island.
* Duncan is the sole surviving member from his team in the first two seasons. He is the only one to do so in the series.
* Duncan has competed the most out of all the characters in the series, the volgende ones being Owen, Lindsay, and LeShawna.
* Duncan likes using terms of endearment for the girls. Besides calling Courtney "princess," he's called Gwen and LeShawna "sweetheart" as well. He has also used the terms "dear," "honey," "darling," "babe," "hot stuff," "gorgeous,"...
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hallo yall no who this is!!! Its Brooke once meer & i will be discussing some thing important.
i have been receiving request to talk about my opinion about Duncan dating Courtney. I will just say that they r horrible!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!! they r the cutest couple ever on TDI!!!! if they customized the perfect girl 4 Duncan they would come up with Courtney!!!
i can tell that he first liked her when he called her darling in the dodge ball episode. she stood up to him & he likes it when girls do that.
they had a love hate relationship & soon became full out love!!!
well when she comes back on TDA, i hope she & Duncan have a good time.
Well got 2 go!!!
posted by Supernatural67
 Duncan wallpaper.
Duncan wallpaper.
When I first saw an episode of Total Drama Island, instantly I knew that Duncan was my favoriete character. He's the bad boy on the episode, and a valuable member to the team. He's been in juvie meer times that he's been to school and came from a family of police officers. Duncan was always the rebel of the family, and the only reason he signed up for Total Drama Island was to get out of meer juvie. Even though he always trys to be bad, he is really a good person underneath his bad boy attitude.

Duncan was always clashing with Courtney, until they got close. He was constantly pranking Harold...
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posted by Bridgette_rocks
Welcome to Messenger.

PunkyPrincess has logged on.

juvyboyy has logged on.

PunkyPrincess: hallo Dunc
juvyboyy: Sup Princess

Angelgal has logged on

Angelgal: Hi Duncan! How are you?
juvyboyy: im kk
PunkyPrincess: ho is dis?
Angelgal: I'm courtney. Nice to meet you.
PunkyPrincess: u can just talk in txt spk
Angelgal: ???
juvyboyy: just spk lke u would 2 a m8 on ur mobile
Angelgal: Oh.

Surferchick has logged on

Angelgal: hallo bridge
Surferchick: Sup court
Angelgal: nm
PunkyPrincess: heyya bridge!
Surferchick: Lauren!!!
PunkyPrincess: !!!
juvyboyy: well i g2g cya.
PunkyPrincess: Meet @ piercing store 2morrow k dunc
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posted by xcv_2013
hallo its Brooke. i went to school today & was surprised to see that the teachers, students, & principal treated me with respect. i had no clue why but then i found out why. they have been reading my stories on here!!!
Well, now everyone can read what I'm thinking. that kinda sucks but this is the only place to let out my thoughts. Yikes. i guess i shouldn't have zei that.
oh well they can read all they want. anyways, today I'm gonna talk about how duncan's trip to Total Drama Island.
we were actually at school ( shocking, i know) when he & i heard of it. our friend Spikes was telling...
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duncan has pulled ALOT of pranks on Harold. heres all the ones that i can remember.

he fed him an underwhere sandwich.
he made his underwhere into s'mores.
he and the other guys put him out in front of the girls why he was naked.
he put hot sauce in his underwhere.
he made a pinda boter smilie face on his bed.
he gave him a glass of keuken-, keuken grease and told him it was appel, apple juice.
he and geoff gave him a fishing pole wedgie.
he and the guys took all his clothes away and made him where a thong!
he and the guys took away all his clothes and made him where his dorky PJs.
and he apperently stroung his underwhere up a flag pole though it was never seen but harold zei he did in the episode haut camp-ture
drew a mustache on his face and made him piss his pants!
hallo its duncan little sister AKA Brooke!!! just here to countinue with the story of me & spikes going out!!! people have asked me, "Who is Spikes?" well if u have read my vorige artikels u will see that he is Duncan's best friend. Here is what happened on the IM today.
juvenile girl: Duncan?
he didn't respond
juvenile girl: im in trouble aren't i.
juve dude: yes, yes u are
juvenile girl: im sorry. :-(
juve dude: apology not accepted
juvenile girl: u do know hes in the hospital right?
juve dude: HES WHAT?!?!
juvenile girl: didn't Chris tell you?
juve dude: NO!!!
juvenile girl: yeah well....
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posted by tdifan23
 this is their cousin, miley cyrus
this is their cousin, miley cyrus
"So, what did Mom text u about?" Stacey asked."She zei ' I have good news and bad news, get home pagina quick!' So I guess we should make it home pagina before lunch is over" Juliet said. They got home pagina and went to the basement door. They pressed a red button volgende to their basement door. A flash was seen under their door. The door swung open and their mom was standing in the doorway. "Get in here! This is important." she said. They walked into their wizard classrom/basement "What's the problem,Mom?" Juliet asked. "Well, the good news is Cousin Miley is coming over to stay for the school year, so she will...
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posted by Lolly4me2
I made my way back into the woods and sat on a log a few 10 ft from the camp. I heard footsteps run after me and I scowled. "I don't want u here!" I screamed. "Fine, I'll leave. GOSH." zei I voice. I turned around and saw Harold. "Harold!!" I yelled glomping him. "What??" He asked in the same tone as me. "Nothing. I'm just glad your here." I mumbled in his overhemd, shirt with out looking up. "Ok. Do u want to talk, Sofie?" He asked sitting on the log. I did too once again, and sighed, "Yeah." He smiled. "You know u can always talk to me." He put his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder....
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 my sister sirra with cody
my sister sirra with cody
Stop zei sierra Kenya looks at her and back at Duncan she walks toward Sierra hello sis zei sierra hello sis zei Kenya Duncan and the cast gasp yes im sierra sister and i see u with Cody zei Kenya with a smile yea but Ezekiel is here too zei sierra with a grin on her face Kenya turns to Ezekiel and smiles she runs up to him and kiss him all over she hugs the boy i cant breath zei Ezekiel of course not silly i love u and love hurts zei Kenya
He trys to get her off him the whole dag but its no use he gives up and wraps his arm around her waist she smiles and kiss him on the lips i love u Ezekiel zei Kenya with a shy smile i love u too Kenya zei Ezekiel with a smirk he tickles her all over ahh ahh stop it Ezekiel come on stop it zei a laughing Kenya she smiles at Duncan and hugs him i love u my friend zei Kenya i love u too zei Duncan to be continue
 me and duncan as vrienden
me and duncan as friends
posted by Lolly4me2
I was walking toward the confessional to cast my vote for tonight, when a thought popped into my head. Maybe they won't miss me at the bon fire? I ran to the crowd of Killer Bass's and stopped 2 of them on their way to the camp brand pit. "Hey! Katie, Sadie!" I whispered hoarsely. They turned around and smiled. "Hi Sofie!" Katie squealed. "SHHHHHH!!!" I zei pulling on their shirts. They crouched down in the bushes with me and I whispered something in their ears. When I was done they smiled, nodded, and kept walking.
*Sofie confessional*

"Do I feel bad about ordering them to tell everyone not...
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posted by xcv_2013
hallo its Brooke!!! im back at juvy for doing something very incredible!!!! i broke into Total Drama Action!!!!
after i last wrote about my missing Duncan, i was so miserable. my parents were happy that i wasn't going to juvy. then i came up with an idea. why not go to TDA!!! i checked to see where it was located & saw that it was located way far from where i was. plus they didn't make tours. so at 3:00a.m. i sneaked out of the house with couple hundreds in my hand. i stal my mom's car even though i am underage to drive & drove to the airport. i left the car in an illegal parking spot...
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I woke up and who did I see?
Look it's chris and he's pointing at me!

I turned my head to the right and who did I see?
Look it's Duncan and he's cursing at me!

I looked to the left and who did I see?
Look it's Courtney and she's frowning at me!

I turned around and look who's there?
Look it's Heather and she's playing with lindsey's hair!

Look it's Bridgette and Geoff!
And they're makin out!

And Chef bijl is cookin trout!
posted by Lolly4me2
 The way I see it, if u want the rainbow, u have to put up with the rain
The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain
*SPLASH* I looked all around me to make sure all of my body parts were intact. A huge grin spread across my face. "WOO! VITORY!!!" I screamed. Throwing my hands up into the air. I looked on to kust-, oever to see everyone staring at me, mouths wide open. "What?" I asked confused. "I made it! Be happy!" I still was smiling. I looked down, in horror, to find what they were staring at. My bathing suit top, boven was gone. "HOLY SH!T!!!!!" I yelled ducking under water. I poked my eyes back above to see what was happening. The girls, I could plainly see felt sorry for me. They scowled at the guys, then continued...
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(at courtney's house hanging out. her parents aren't there because her aunt got sick and she was at duncan's before. she lied to her parents saying that she was on a club trip so she could go) "So... Princess," Duncan started. "So... Delinquent," she teased. "What's up?" he asked. (she's cuddling him) "Not much, why?" she replied. "Just wondering," he grinned. "What's up with you, Duncan?""Letting u snuggle me; why do u ask?" he chuckled. "Just checking," she shook her head. Duncan laughed. "Why are we talking like this?" he asked, still laughing. "'Cause we're in love," she smiled.
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posted by xcv_2013
NOTE: I did recieve full permission from the creator of Sofie to use her charecter on my story.

Hey its Brooke. I was at the court & well, a lot of stuff happened.
Courtney & me arrived at the court room early. We were wearing some bussiness suits. "They make u look meer professional." Courtney said. We went in & saw Duncan & Spikes. I haven't seen them of spoke to them in about a week. They looked so skinny & weak. "Duncan!!! Spikes!!!" I yelled & ran towards them. A guard came between us three. "Please!!! He's my brother!!!" I said. He looked at me then went back....
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posted by Lolly4me2
We all took our team's maps and headed out to the woods. On the way there, I heard Katie and Sadie, "Omigosh! Sadie look! Blueberries!" Katie exclaimed crouching near the fruit bush. I gasped and turned around. "I love love LOVE Blueberries!" I squealed. Sadie and Katie smiled at me, then each other.

Soon we were stuffing our faces with the blue fruit as it's sap dripped onto our clothes. When we were finished eating I looked around. Our team was gone. "Um, Katie, Sadie?" They didn't hear me they were having a conversation about JUSTIN. *rolls eyes* "Did u see his ABS?" Katie asked. "Did u see his hair?" Sadie asked. "DID u SEE DUNCAN'S BUTT?!" I squealed, smiling sarcastically. Katie and Sadie gasped, frowned, and then looked at me. Their jaws dropped open. I raised an eyebrow and looked at them, smiling. "Kidding!" I laughed. They still stared blankly at me.
 i couldn't find a pic of Courtney blushing so i improvised XD
i couldn't find a pic of Courtney blushing so i improvised XD
"What the heck... oh no!Duck!" Duncan grabbed my hand and pulled me down. In the brief moment he touched my hand,my cheeks burned bright red."What's wrong?" I asked Duncan as he pulled me along the floor."Well the police are after us... and we're running and hiding for our lives." he zei cooly. "What?!?" i screamed and he clamped his hand over my mouth."Shut up!" he whisper-screamed at me.By now we were in the hallway.He pointed to the closet and zei "Sit down right there." I was confused and freaked out so i did as i was told.He sat down in front of me and leaned vooruit, voorwaarts until our lips were only inches apart... "I anything happens to me... I just want to let u know..." he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. "That I really like you." and stood up and zei "Wait here don't leave until the police go. If I don't come back..." he turned and left.And I finally realized that I loved him...
 I had to put this funny pic on here! It's too funny!!!!!
I had to put this funny pic on here! It's too funny!!!!!
posted by Lolly4me2
 Sofie :D
Sofie :D
I started cracking up! "HAHHAA u guys! HAHAAA!!!" I rolled on the ground like an idiot, then got up and shoved meer blueberries in my mouth. katie and Sadie still stared at me. "What's that look on your faces? Oh never mind. Lets go find the team." I zei and tried to lead the way.

We were still walking as the sun began to set. "Sofie!" Sadie whined. "Its been HOURS! Where ARE they?" "HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW!?" I screamed. Her mouth dropped open. I heard Katie whisper to Sadie, "she zei a cuss word." I rolled my eyes and kept walking. Somehow, I felt woozy. I hadn't since I don't know...
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