nikaitla posted on Apr 13, 2012 at 10:04AM
What is the best part about playing Woody?

Woody’s heart is always in the right place and he always tries to do the right thing. His friends come first so that no friend and no toy gets left behind. There’s something really genuine about that and it shines through. It’s fun to play.


How does putting on a show like this work?

It takes skaters two months to learn the choreography with a pretty rigorous practice schedule. We’ve been on tour for two years now and do 10 shows a week. When you come see (the show), you’re going to see some really good skating.


What are the skating numbers like?

You get something really great and high-energy from the show. [For example], “Woody’s Roundup” is a 12-minute number with all the cowgirls and cowboys from “Toy Story 2.” Everyone gets up off their seats and dances along. It’s very interactive.


What do audiences typically enjoy most about the show?

I think they’re so many characters and everyone has a favorite. Everyone loves to see their favorite character and scream for them. And when Andy says goodbye to the toys at the end is a real tearjerker. So people can really relate to the story of “Toy Story” because everyone had that favorite toy growing up.

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