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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Dawn arrived on Universal Lines. Tower was about to wake up, and inform the engines to get to work, but he was awaken door the puffing of three engines. Tillie, Rachael, and Suzie.

Tillie: Mornin' Tower.
Tower: Hello Tillie. Good to see you, and the others bright, and early.
Rachael: We don't want our vrienden being late.
Suzie: *Couples onto Farnsworth's express. She slips as she moves the five car train to the station platform*
Sid: *Yawns as he stops volgende to Tower* u three need a hand with anything?
Tillie: Nope, u can go ahead with that melk train.
Sid: Alright, thank you.

While Sid went to drop...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The majority of engines on Universal Lines are steam powered. Farnsworth, and Jeff are the only two exceptions. While Jeff is a switcher who occasionally helps Doc rescue other engines that either broke down, of derailed, Jeff is normally used for short freights, and maintenance work. Farnsworth is a bigger diesel that only pulls the express. Rachael, one of the new engines, always admired Farnsworth for his sleek design, and wanted to pull the express just like him.

Rachael: *Stops volgende to Farnsworth at Basic Station* Hi Farnsworth.
Farnsworth: Oh. It's you. *Looks away from her*
Rachael: You're...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Owensville Yard - 2013

Tower: *Sadly looking down at Tillie & Georgia*
Tillie: What's wrong?
Tower: Our budget's not looking good. I'm selling u two to another railroad.
Georgia: Are we comin' back anytime soon?
Tower: I hope u can. Good luck on your new railroad.

The Island Of Errol - 1 jaar later

Mr. Swanson: Your narrow gauge rebuilds are complete.
Tillie: Cool.
Georgia: What can we do first?
Mr. Swason: I'd like u girls to pull freight trains to Mossberg Harbor.

1 uur later at Mossberg Harbor

Tillie: This is nice.
Georgia: I agree.
Sean: *Arrives with a passenger train*
Tillie: He reminds me...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
All the engines were gathered in the yards to hear an announcement from Tower.

Tower: I'm pleased to inform u that we have another engine joining us.
Tillie: Cool!
Jeff: Another diesel?
Tower: Yes. He's also green, but in a much darker shade than you.

And with that, Sid arrived.

Sid: Pleased to meet u lot.
Tower: Everyone, welcome Sid.
Farnsworth: Good day.
Pete: Pleased to meet u kid.
Sayaka: Welcome to Universal Lines.
Tower: Right then. Here are your jobs.

Sid's first job was to take two gondolas of melk to the dairy. When that was done, he would travel with a short freight from St. David's to...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Tower was on his cell phone. He wanted to listen to some music.

Tower: *Has his cell phone hooked up to loudspeakers, and selects a song on YouTube*

Song: link

Tower: *Looks down at the ground*

The camera zooms in on his face as the song begins.

Inside the Owensville station a black man was break dancing to the song playing on a radio.

Bystanders: *Headbanging while making a rock sign with their right hands*
Tower: *Headbanging while playing air guitar*
Bystanders: *Surrounding Tower while slowly waving lit candles*

As Tower pretended to play guitar, an actual trommelaar, drummer appeared as he played the...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Previously in episode 2.

Tillie: Who's going to run on the new line?
Worker: u all will at some point. Tower's even buying a new engine to help out.


Pete: A new engine, huh?


Pete: Ah, an intermodal. Tower u shouldn't have.
Tower: Sorry Pete. This is for the new engine.
Sayaka: My pleasure. *Happily puffs to her train*


Pete: I wanted that new engine's train. She stal it from me.
Jeff: Come on Pete, u gotta let the new engine learn what to do so she can become successful.
Pete: And steal my work? I don't think so.

Later in Basic, Pete waited for Sayaka to arrive with a passenger train.

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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Crews had finally completed building a new line for freight trains. They called it the Rosslare Subdivision since it ran to Rosslare Depot, which itself was near Rosslare Harbor in Ireland. The people from St. George Island could sometimes have an easy time seeing the people in Rosslare. So, the town decided to name the end of the line Rosslare Depot, and the town itself was called Little Ireland.

Tillie: *Pulls 2 boxcars into St. David's Station*
Worker: Thank u Tillie.
Tillie: You're welcome. Who's going to run on the new line?
Worker: u all will at some point. Tower's even buying a new engine...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The volgende day, Sean had a longer run to Pittston. Instead of starting at Port Clinton, he would begin at the Reading Outer Station. Chaffee was passing him with a freight train.

Chaffee: *Pulling his B-unit, and 9 freight cars* This is disgraceful. I should be pulling passengers.
Sean: Well, aren't u guys called F-unit's for a reason?
Chaffee: You're an F-unit too buddy!
Sean: Yeah, but I was originally intended for passenger service. u older guys are freight units.
Chaffee: We ain't all built for freight. The F doesn't indicate us being freight units. It means, I have a full width cowlbody.
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song (Start at 38:10): link

A beautiful afternoon started in Jim Thorpe. It was unusually warm too as the temperatures were in the 50's.

Mily: Okay, everyone ready to go to Port Clinton?
Passengers: Yes!
Mily: Then here we go! *Blows her whistle twice, and pulls her six car passenger train*

Sean was pulling another passenger train with five Amfleets. He started his journey from a new station in Pittston. His signal was red so he had to stop on the wye.

Mily: *Sees her signal is red too* hallo Sean.
Sean: Hey.
Mily: I'm surprised u look upset. It's a great day.
Sean: I know, but it's gonna take more...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
In Port Clinton, a Reading 6 Chime whistle was heard, along with loud chuffing from a steam engine.

Sean: I guess we already know who that is.
Jazlin: Hopefully the rails stay dry for her.
S.B: No meer rain. It should evaporate off the rails soon enough.
Mily: *Passing through the Port Clinton station with her train at 30 miles an hour. She gives four short blasts of her whistle, and passes Sean & Jazlin*
Al: *Blows his horn twice*

Besides Mily, three diesels were moving the freight. Al & Falcon, two SD50's were at the front with her, and pushing at the rear was Joey.

Jazlin: u know, it...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

It was a rainy dag in Jim Thorpe. Lots of clouds were pouring rain on the ground, while some clouds also shot out lightning. A Norfolk Southern freight train was making it's way downhill past the bridge wye.

Waiting near the bridge for a clear track to Port Clinton were four engines, Mily, a blue pacific #425. Jazlin, a roze pacific #831. Sean, an Amtrak F40PH #338, and Joey. A Reading & Northern SD40-2 #3058.

NS SD70ACC: *Waiting for the freight to clear, then goes uphill while running light*
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
That night, Delta began to help Rachael, and Suzie with their revenge plan against Carina.

Delta: I overlooked the schedule for Carina's freight. She's supposed to take two hoppers, and four boxcars to the Canadian Pacific's Sunshine Interchange yard. All of them are supposed to be empty.
Rachael: Hm. I see a good way to sabotage her work.
Suzie: How?
Rachael: Instead of giving her empty boxcars, we'll make them full. Suzie can take the empties before Carina does.
Delta: What about the hoppers?
Rachael: Leave that to me. I know exactly how to fool with Carina.

The following day, Rachael, and Suzie...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Rachael continued pulling her boxcar, and caboose towards Thunder Bay. She refueled at wolk Lake, and resumed her journey through the snow covered landscape.

Rachael: *Puffing at 45 miles an hour* There's the hill. I don't see any snow on the tracks though.

That would soon change. Thankfully it was towards the top, boven of the hill. Rachael just had to clear the snow out of her way, and she could continue down the line.

Rachael: *Pushing the snow out of her way while slowing down to 30 miles an hour* Almost there. Almooost...*Wheelslips* Come on! *Pours sand, but her wheels still slip* I can make it!...
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