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Trinity from the Matrix what was going through your head when Trinity's "kiss of life" totally saved Neo?

11 fans picked:
The power of love prevails!
Trinity just rocks. period.
what? that shouldn't be possible!
Neo is totally the chosen one!
 Genius_626 posted een jaar geleden
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Genius_626 picked The power of love prevails!:
actually, all four things were going through my head, I was really confused but sooo excited at the same time. (I just recently was introduced to the matrix trilogy this week, I've never had an interest until now)
posted een jaar geleden.
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ArwenAnderson2 picked Trinity just rocks. period.:
The only thing going through my head during that part was: :O
posted een jaar geleden.
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ROTJ said:
Nothing happen between the two to establish any kind of relationship or feelings of love, it was just bad lazy writing for dumb shallow teens and 20 year olds.
posted een jaar geleden.