Tumblr account terminated?

I created a tumblr account and the moment I did it redirected me to a page saying that that my account has been terminated. However, I've never used it before.

Can anyone give me insight on this?
 Rohini101 posted een jaar geleden
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Tumblr Antwoorden

glelsey said:
That's strange. Sorry I'm only just seeing this now! Did u ever find out what caused this to happen?

One possibility, I suppose, is that u might have the same external IP address as a tumblr user who got banned for life. Even though external IP addresses are supposed to be unique, there's really only so many of them and sometimes freak things like that happen. However, they also change from time to time. u might find (if u haven't already) that if u try to create an account again, u will have no problems.

(BTW I've apparently shared external IP addresses with people from Japan and New Zealand before. I live in England.)

It could have been something else of course, but like I said, it's worth trying again if u haven't yet. Whatever it was, it could have easily just been an in-the-moment freak thing that will never happen again.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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