TVD Couples [NEW] TVD Couples icoon contest [MOVED!]

lillyqueen94 posted on Mar 15, 2012 at 11:47AM
This contest has been moved!!!

- I choose a theme for the round (character, Color, Quote, body-part, etc.), the rest is up to you.
- The icon needs to be made by you.
- You cant vote for yourself.
- The icon must be 100x100 or 200x200.
- Only post 1 icon per person.

Participating - 1 prop
1st Place Winner - 8 props
2nd Place Winner - 4 props

Round 1 - Elena and Damon OPEN! DEADLINE! 31st March

Round 2 - Elena and Stefan CLOSED
Round 3 - Elena and Elijah CLOSED
Round 4 - Caroline and Klaus CLOSED
Round 5 - Bonnie and Kol CLOSED
Round 6 - Bonnie and Klaus CLOSED
Round 7 - Jeremy and Anna CLOSED
Round 8 - Alaric and Jenna CLOSED
Round 9 - Caroline and Tyler CLOSED
Round 10 - Bonnie and Jeremy CLOSED
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een jaar geleden Desara said…
mine :)
 mine :)
een jaar geleden xxHybrid said…
een jaar geleden lillyqueen94 said…
Contest moved!!