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posted by mrspattinson96
 New Moon SoundTrack cover
New Moon SoundTrack cover
Guess what twi-hards Summit has officially released the The Twilight Saga-New Moon Soundtrack listing.

The Fantastic Soundtrack will feature some of our favourite Bands and singers like muse, Death cab for cutie and way more, infact why dont u just read the lijst yourself

1. Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox
2. Band Of Skulls – Friends
3. Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage
4. Lykke Li – Possibility
5. The Killers - A White Demon Love Song
6. Anya jachthaven, marina – Satellite hart-, hart
7. Muse - I Belong To u (New Moon Remix)
8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club...
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Not in a bad way. We think. But apparently Taylor Lautner's routine in the gym is paying off in meer than one respect.

In a recent interview door Access Hollywood with Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Peter admitted to Taylor creating fear in the hearts of his co-stars: “He scares me now!” Peter joked. “He’s gotten really big and if I saw him in a back alley, I’d probably run!” (somehow is thinking that the girls would be running TOWARDS Taylor, but that's just our opinion)

However, it is not just Taylor who is creating the whirlpool of fear. The rest of the wolf pack is doing a fair job of it too! Peter added that the “werewolves are coming out of the woodwork. They scare me!”

Hmmmm. We knew Taylor was getting huge from his new found obsession over the gym to reprise his role as Jacob, but wow. He's big enough to be scaring people now. Yikes! Sounds like the perfect werewolf.
posted by awesome11th
MY opinion on Taylor lautner in New Moon but what made it exciting in NEW MOON is when JACOB TOOK OFF HIS overhemd, shirt HE WAS SO SMOKING HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PEACE! ps taylor lauttner if u get this message your the hottie of my WORLD!MY NAME IS GOING TO BE MS. LAUTNER IWAS BORN TO MARRY THIS MAN
WOW I thought it was terrific! I loved it :)
Especially the end. The ending was both hart-, hart wrenching to watch & amazing to watch because u saw the horrible agony both Edward & Bella were in. Edward who was trying to restrain himself form killing her yet his love for Bella was what kept him from totally losing control. & Bella who was in such pain but u could tell door the look in her eyes that when she saw Edward take her wrist for that spleet, split seconde before she lost consciousness u saw her total and complete trust for him. That is why I thought this scene was AMAZING! I also of course LOVED Roberts song Let Me Sign. I think it really makes this part of the film fantastic!
Attention twilight fanatics! Recently released was a Twilight fragrance sold in a bottle the shape of a red, crystal apple. It was meant to imitate Bella's scent of "lavender and freschia" as described in the book series. This intoxicating aroma managed to lure Bella a hot, vampire boyfriend. Do think it'll lure your own Edward Cullen? It is currently sold at Hot Topic for a whopping $48.00. Fortunately it is being sold at Borders Bookstores for around 23 dollars.
Also new to the Twilight merchandise is an gorgeous silver locket decorated with the Cullen Crest. It even has a compartment to add a picture of your own Edward Cullen. It currently sells at Hot Topic for $20.00.
posted by xBellaxEwardx21 i saw twilight about a week ago! I loved it so much, i was also introduced to a few new actors. Like Kristen and Rob. I love both of them. But some of my vrienden and other twilight fans don't and i dont get why?!?!?

My friend zei its cause she dosn't play a good Bella..but i think she plays an amazing Bella. The only thing is she could have been alittle meer clumsiers!!!People say she is annoying??!?!?! schoffel, hoe is she annoying. Maby if u sawsome of her other moives, u wouldn't think that. She is an amazing actress. its just she hasn't been able to get a fame boost until now. But still people don't like her. Well i love Krsiten. She is one of my favoriete acteress and i think she is so natural and beautiful!!! so if u like Kristen toon her some support and send her fanmail of something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha
So I have seen the artikel asking if the movie would live up to the book?, and it got me thinking. Firstly films rarely live up to the boeken they are based on. Mostly because at the end of the dag your imagination is always going to be different from the directors, even from the writers (I know that the guy that Stephenie Meyer based Edward on, Henry Cavill, is totally not who I had picture). When u read a book its all there, in your head. But also they can't include everything in the movie and everyone has their favourite parts in the book so someone is always going to be disappointed....
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I think Edward will always be best for Bella even if he did leave her because u cant force true love. and Edward and Bella are very much in love. she was willing to turn immortal for him. They belong together and he will come back to her because they are meant for each other. Jacob is a good boy and he protected her when Edward left but it doesnt change how she feels. The only reason she looked into Jacob as meer than freinds was because she thought edward wasnt coming back. They are better off freinds and Edward and Bella are best together.
posted by odekanmi
Edward Cullen that's the "good guy" from the Twilight Series while Taylor Black is the "bad guy" to some people.Edward Cullen is this guy who looks 17 but is far from it while Taylor is this kid with a crush for Bella Swan. Bella zwaan-, zwaan is this girl who just started to live with her father and both Edward and Taylor "love" . I love the Twilight Movie becauseit is the coolest vampire movie I have ever seen. The other vampire movie are always adult in nature examples of such is the Dracula Series, Blade Series and others but the Twilight movie Series is with an High School twist which I really Love.So people PLEASE commentaar on tthis it will meana lot.
TwilightBlog: Have u read New Moon? If so, what do u think about it?

Charlie Bewley: Yes. But being totally distractible, I'm a useless reader. However this one I just sailed thru, especially from page 453 onwards...

What's great about New Moon is the author's style delicately protracts the plot to reveal all the stakes for each character involved. This gives impact at major turns of events and also allows actors a much easier job of playing the characters truthfully and to the readers expectations.

Full credit to Stephenie for her intrinsic knowledge of human emotional interplay. Fairly genius...
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5 Reasons Why New Moon Will Be Better Than Twilight

Here is an excerpt from regarding the top, boven 5 Reasons New Moon will strike critics and fans alike as better than Twilight:

New characters, new conflict:

The benefit that most sequels have is that the main characters and their relationships have already been established. This leaves the door open for deeper exploration of the story and characters as the each actor has grown into the roles. For an actor, it is all about the interpretation of a character on paper and the transfer of emotion to the screen. A novel can describe emotion,...
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I'm assuming that most of u think Stephen King's a fossil and thus won't even feel the effects of even care about what he zei the other day, but in case u haven't heard, he dissed the twilight series and its' fans. I know there's alot of temperment amongst alot of twilight fans already so stephen king's words might hurt. This man is SO insanely good at what he does he's the reason there are bookstores. This is an untouchable giant. The Michael Jordan of writers. But here's the thing -- stephanie meyer's not allowed in this dag and age door publishers to give u anything as GRAPHIC and F-YOU...
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I am Madison. I had a grandmother who raised me with my grandfather since I was only five days old. She died November 18, 2009. Her name was Ruth Audrey Collins. She was a sweet woman with blonde, curly hair. I have a great feeling that she definitely went to heaven. She died at 70 years old from a blood vessel leak in the back of her brain. She died in her sleep, so she died peacefully. She was the greatest woman I ever knew.

Nana was also very energetic, and she also had a good sense of humor. One night, about a maand before she died, Pop and I went out in the kitchen, and there, right on...
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posted by loecuemimoz24
Yo peeps!

So My Buzznet peers had shared a lot about Twilight!

Well, door clicking link

u will find loads of fun stuff: blog posts, LoLVAMP (yep I'm not kidding, curious right?) and more!!!

u Hurry up!!

Ps.: and u can win some cool stuff :) cuz Buzznet is giving one lucky grand prize winner a massive autographed prize package from the cast of Twilight. Off course u have to click link first! hehe

-peace out-
Team Edward versus Team Jacob - Twilight fans will surely become one of the two largest Clan , whether it vampire clan of werewolft clan . When the official Press New Moon on the vraag of who would win if a war between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have a different opinion about this. wether it will be add to scene in film?
Cek This Out in
it still fresh and come on this is hot topic if u are truly twilight fans

It Snippet Opini from Robert And Taylor
Robert Pattinson laughed when he zei who would win between his character Edward Cullen and the character of Cullen Taylor Lautner Jacob Black.
art video I wouldn’t do something unless I had a weapon. "
Meanwhile, Taylor responded with meer analysis. "Oh man. I do not know between me and Rob. He often exercises boxing when he was off duty. This will probably be the fight interesting. we've already discussed this when filming,
posted by Alice_Cullen_
The Character

Name: Edward Cullen

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: Hears the thoughts of others-with the exception of Bella Swan

About Them: Edward is known for being charming, polite, determined, and very stubborn. He is very protective over Bella and puts her safety, humanity, and welfare before anything else. He often over-analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact-especially in situations where Bella's safety is at risk. He often uses outdated speech and grammar from his human life in the early 20th century. Edward is impossibly beautiful. His skin is "like marble"—very pale, ice cold,...
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I Can't Live [is it worthy?]

Anybody remember Justin Guarini from American Idol Season One? Well, apparently Justin is aiming at contributing to the New Moon soundtrack and has released a special song written specifically from his readings of the Twilight saga and Bella and Edward's experiences. The song has been released on YouTube for a while now and the fever seems to be catching.

The song was penned door Shaye Smith, Tammy Hyler, and Justin himself. vraag is, is I Can't Live worthy of a spot in the movie and/or the soundtrack? Justin has had hit and misses with his songs for soundtracks, but this one may just be a winner if a suitable scene is found for the song. A wrong song choice however, could blow a scene and the soundtrack.

Check it out:

This just in: Dakota Fanning thinks it would be, like, "really cool" to be in the sequel to Twilight—even though she hasn't read the book. She's still in negotiations for the role of nasty bloodsucker Jane in Stephenie Meyers' New Moon, and admits she still has a lot of homework to do.

"I haven't read all four yet," Fanning told E! News while promoting Coraline over the weekend. "I'm working on it. Getting there. I'm just about to finish the first one."

Not even on New Moon yet? Does she know how bad this Jane can be? Well...

"The character is what I would be excited about. It's kind of evil,...
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A Lover Again.

Robert Pattinson has now been taped bu Summit to act in another movie about star-crossed lovers. Rob will be the lead in Remember Me, a plot line consisting of a young couple whose relationship is tested due to a series of family tragedies. Previously known as Memoirs, meer details on the movie as scarce. A lead actress has yet to be named as well. (lucky girl who ever lands that job!)

Award winning director Allen Coulter known for his T.V. dramas will direct with script writer Jenny Lumet (known for her recent Rachel Getting Married) is working on the script. While Summit is saying...
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Oh, Jacob Black. How we’ve missed you! Summit just released this sizzling new foto of Taylor Lautner as Jacob running through the rain. Taylor’s been so busy promoting his movie Abudction that there hasn’t been much about Jacob in the news. But as the movie premiere datum approaches, we’ll be posting meer updates like this from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.
The three Twilight stars grace the covers of Entertainment Weekly in their latest issues. Check out the covers right here!
Check back here for all things Twilight, readers and remember to mark your calendars for November 18!