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Attention twilight fanatics! Recently released was a Twilight fragrance sold in a bottle the shape of a red, crystal apple. It was meant to imitate Bella's scent of "lavender and freschia" as described in the book series. This intoxicating aroma managed to lure Bella a hot, vampire boyfriend. Do think it'll lure your own Edward Cullen? It is currently sold at Hot Topic for a whopping $48.00. Fortunately it is being sold at Borders Bookstores for around 23 dollars.
Also new to the Twilight merchandise is an gorgeous silver locket decorated with the Cullen Crest. It even has a compartment to add a picture of your own Edward Cullen. It currently sells at Hot Topic for $20.00.
posted by xBellaxEwardx21 i saw twilight about a week ago! I loved it so much, i was also introduced to a few new actors. Like Kristen and Rob. I love both of them. But some of my vrienden and other twilight fans don't and i dont get why?!?!?

My friend zei its cause she dosn't play a good Bella..but i think she plays an amazing Bella. The only thing is she could have been alittle meer clumsiers!!!People say she is annoying??!?!?! schoffel, hoe is she annoying. Maby if u sawsome of her other moives, u wouldn't think that. She is an amazing actress. its just she hasn't been able to get a fame boost until now. But still people don't like her. Well i love Krsiten. She is one of my favoriete acteress and i think she is so natural and beautiful!!! so if u like Kristen toon her some support and send her fanmail of something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha
So I have seen the artikel asking if the movie would live up to the book?, and it got me thinking. Firstly films rarely live up to the boeken they are based on. Mostly because at the end of the dag your imagination is always going to be different from the directors, even from the writers (I know that the guy that Stephenie Meyer based Edward on, Henry Cavill, is totally not who I had picture). When u read a book its all there, in your head. But also they can't include everything in the movie and everyone has their favourite parts in the book so someone is always going to be disappointed....
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I think Edward will always be best for Bella even if he did leave her because u cant force true love. and Edward and Bella are very much in love. she was willing to turn immortal for him. They belong together and he will come back to her because they are meant for each other. Jacob is a good boy and he protected her when Edward left but it doesnt change how she feels. The only reason she looked into Jacob as meer than freinds was because she thought edward wasnt coming back. They are better off freinds and Edward and Bella are best together.
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