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posted by Edward_lover101
The last think I remeber was Edward and I waching Romo and Juliet. I woke up in the same hospitle bed, but in a differnt room. Where was I? I was in the Cullen's house last night. I had meer tubes in me now. My hart-, hart started to race. Then a cool hand touched my arm. I looked over and there was Edward. My hart-, hart started to slow down.
"Where am I? How did i get here?"
"You in the hospitle, Bella. I carried u here."
"Why am I here?"
"Well...While u where asleep, u hart-, hart rate was really high. Your temp. was riseing, and u wouldn't wake up."
"What happend?"
"You had a heart-atack and, your liver was fialing. Carlisle didn't have the tools at the house for surgery so-"
"Wait." I zei interuping him. " I had to have surgery?"
"Yes. of u would have died. I wasn't going to let that happen. I will never let that happen to you."
"Does Charlie know? Dose Jacob?"
"Yes, they know. Charlie was here a few hours ago, he is at the station now. u will be leaving in about 10 minutes."
"Where am I going?"
"Back to the house. They just have a bad trama case comming in. About 30 people of so."
"What happend?"
"Trust me, u don't wanna know."
"That bad?"
"You have no idea." After about 10 minuten Carlisle and some other nurses helped me to Edwards volvo. We drove to the house. There Emmet, Roslie, Alice, Jasper, and Esme waited for me and Edward. Alice was on the phone with Charlie. Charlie would probly call Jacob later. Edward put me in his room.
"Am I staying in here?"
"Yeah I asked Carlisle if we could verplaats u to my room. I thought u would be meer comfortable here." He sat me down on the large bed. Emmet came in with the big screen. Carlisle brought the mechines into the room and started to hook me up to them. I sat on the huge white bed with Edward on my right and Alice on my left. Jasper was sitting on the floor beside Alice. Emmet and Roslie went hunting. Edward turned the TV on. We were waching a love story. Emmet walked into the room.
"Are u waching one of thouse sappy love stories?" Emmet howled with laughter.
"Shh!" We all zei at the same time. I was asleep door the time that the movie was over.

I dreamed that I was in a medow. Edward was no where to be found. Then Jacob walked out of the trees. He was shaking. He fell to the ground. With a howl, he phased. I started to run. As fast as I could. My fastest wasn't good enough. I fell to the ground. I looked behind me, and there was Jacob. Running after me. I couldn't get up. He leaped towards me, like he was going to attack me. Then I woke up. Screaming. Edward was at my side, worry flashed acrosed his face.
"Bella, love what's wrong?"
"Nothing, just a bad dream."
"Do u wanna tell me about it?"
"well....Jaccob was...." I hasitated knowing that Edward would get mad. "Jacob was hunting me. That was my dream." Edward squeased me tightly, but gently.
"Oh bella. It's ok. I would never let anything happen to you, not while I'm here." I looked up at him, staring into his warm topaz eyes.
"I love you" I said
"As I love you." I fell back asleep, this time dreaming that I was laying in the medow, with Edward.
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Eric Bana would be the perfect Aro. He is exactly what i imagined as Aro.
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