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posted by ebcullen4ever
Now that the Twilight saga has ended,I thought I would write an artikel about my fave Twilight movie moments.I am saddened that the saga is over,but the films and especially the characters will forever be in my hearts.

It all started on Nov.21,2008 when Twilight was released in theaters.If only we can rewind time and go back to that day.Well in a way we can,by watching the saga over and over again through the dvd of on our computers,whatever the case may be.We can relive our fave Twilight saga moments over and over again.

These are my fave moments from Twilight:

-when Bella first saw Edward enter the cafeteria

-when they were caught looking at each other from across the cafeteria

-when they talked in biology class
-when Edward saved her from the van
-when he was in her room and watched her sleep and he left just as she woke up.

-the restaurant scene
-the forest scene where she tells him she knows what he is

-when he says "you don't know how long I've waited for you"

-when they are laying in the meadow staring in each other's eyes

-when they are dancing in his room
-their first kiss
-when he says "you are my life now"
-the prom scene (the outdoor gazebo)

My fave New Moon movie moments...

-their kiss in the school parking lot
-their kiss after he drops her home pagina after her birthday party

--when Alice and Bella go to Italy to save Edward

-when they are reunited in Italy and kiss
-when he says "I honestly don't know how to live without you"

-when he says "Marry me.Bella"

My fave movie moments from Eclipse...

-the opening meadow scene
-in her bedroom where he says "you'll always be my Bella"

-Bella punching Jacob
-Edward gets mad at Jacob for forcing a kiss against her will

-the practice fight scene
-when Bella arrives at the Cullen house,where it's just her and Edward

-when he gives her the diamond hart-, hart
-the proposal scene
-when he says "all 10 I spent with you,number 1 was when u zei you'd marry me

-the end meadow scene

My fave BD part 1 movie moments...

-the night before the wedding
-the wedding
-the entire honeymoon
-when Edward hears Renesmee's thoughts
-the birth of Renesmee
-Edward bites Bella
-Bella's transformation

And finally my fave BD part 2 movie moments...

-Bella opens her eyes as a vampire
-when Edward says "it's your turn not to break me"

-Bella's first hunt
-Bella meets Renesmee for the first time
-Bella gets mad at Jake for imprinting on Renesmee

-when Edward and Bella are alone in their cottage

-the arm wrestle scene between Bella and Emmett

-the battle scene(most of it)
-and finally the end meadow scene with my fave couple and she lets Edward read her mind from when they met and all the important moments they shared together and she says "no one's ever loved anyone as much as I love you".

I loved the song playing during that end scene,A Thousand Years part 2.

I think as sad as I am to say this,it was the perfect ending to a perfect and beautiful saga.Though the series is over,Edward,Bella and all the other characters will live on in my hart-, hart and in the hearts of all the other Twi-hards...FOREVER.
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