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New Moon came out the 20th. Since then, I've seen it 5 times. Each time, I noticed a few things I didn't catch the first time.

I'll start off with the things that were the same everytime I watched it.

-Taylor's Acting: I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he did a terrible job. Not necessarily as Jacob, but as an actor. I may sound harsh, but he went over the top, boven in many scenes. I'm not saying Kristen of Rob's acting was extraordinary, but Taylor's was extremely blatant and noticeable. Scene in particular:
- the movie theatre scene: "Do u want me to put u in the hospital?!" I understand Jacob's character has dramatic changes, and he feels out of control all the time, spontaneous mood swings, but this was over the top.
- but what I did like: when Jacob went to Bella's room. Taylor's acting was still terrible. But his facial expression when he looked at the dream catcher on her headboard, it translated as sadness. I could feel his sadness that it wasn't the same as before. I thought he translated that well in that one look.

- Victoria. I felt Victoria's storyline wasn't closed in New Moon. In Twilight, at the end of the movie, we see her leaving their prom, with a rageful, plotting look. In New Moon, the last glimpse we see of Victoria is in the water. This ties in with the cliff hanger. I didn't have a problem with it, but I thought they could have done it differently. They could have stayed closer to the book. In the book, the proposal, Bella actually answered yes. In the movie, when it cuts off to before she answered, it can be interpretted as doubt and reluctance. That's not at all how it was in the book. She is shocked that he would ask that of her. She doesn't know if he's serious. I know the idea of a cliff hanger is to keep the audience guessing, but that particular cliff hanger strayed from the book. A different way to end it could have been Bella saying yes. Then the cliff hanger would be with Victoria. In the script draft, they had Victoria driving to Seattle in a taxi. There was a New Moon still with Rachelle as Victoria in a taxi driving. That means, they did shoot that scene. Chris Weitz, in a recent interview, zei it would be on the dvd. Why not have it in the movie? it would have nicely tied up Victoria's whereabouts.

If Summit wouldn't allow that to be in the movie because of Rachelle not being in Eclipse, therefore refusing to have Rachelle have meer screentime, then they need to suck it up. The fans all hate their douchebagish decision, but not doing the movie right because they don't want the fans to be too attatched to Rachelle as Victoria is wrong. I'm impartial to the ending, but I would have ended it with Victoria going to Seattle, just like they had it in the script. Leaving the cliffhanger to Bella and Edward's engagement, Eclipse should have romance. But, with the recent news about Eclipse, it doesn't sound that way, and now, I am very nervous for the third installment.

Little things I noticed that had an big impact:

- during Bella's depression, the 4 maand spin around of her in the chair, if u notice her room, with each passing month, her room becomes meer empty. The pictures on the uithangbord vanish.
- when Bella sets out to find their meadow, when she arrives, she falls on her knees. Like in the book, she clutches herself, trying to keep her insides from falling out.

As for the rest of the movie: I thought they stuck very close to the book. I particularly liked how they incorporated Bella's quotes from the book in emails [to Alice]. Even though that [the emails] didn't happen in the book, I thought it showed how much she missed the Cullens.

The Italy scene, even though I wished it were longer, particularly Edward and Bella's reunion kiss, it was still good. I liked how they had some of the quotes from Chapter 24: Truth in there.

Their post Italy talk was a little disappointing. I wished it were longer as well. Even though there were some great quotes in there such as "He won't forgive me so easily. Can you? Because honestly, I don't know how to live without you." I wish the famous "Before u Bella, my life was like a moonless night..." quote was in there.

But, I was very pleased with this movie. The always shirtless wolfpack was unnecessary though. My friend asked me why they were always shirtless and she thought it was unnecessary as well. Did I like it better than Twilight? I think so. It follows closely with the book, and the look and the feel of the movie is meer cinematical and professional. The middle of the movie without Edward was slow moving to me. But, maybe that's how it's supposed to be.

Hope u liked this review. It's not as complex as I thought it would be and it didn't go into very much detail. But please commentaar if you'd like :)
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