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 Jackson @ The Wawa! Welcome America! Festival
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Jackson @ The Wawa! Welcome America! Festival
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posted by BellaCullenHale
My School dag went on pretty well considering on how wonderfully it started. I was in Austin's and Taylor's class. Cheerleading try-outs were volgende week. Everything was falling in place. I layed in the sun in my back yard. Cheer shorts and bikini top. The radio playing Shine Down -Second chance. My all time favoriete song. That and ''All Around me door Flyleaf''. My mom walked out with a watering can.
''Pretty dag huh?'' She zei smiling.
''Yeah it is.'' I zei back.
''I'm gonna go swimming.'' I zei taking off my shorts that covered my bottom bikini.
''Okay. I'm just watering the new garden. I love...
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“Summer…Summer…” Alice tapped on Summer’s shoulder, attempting to wake her, “SUMMER!” Summer pulled the hoofdkussen, kussen over her head, “Go away, Alice,” she mumbled. A few seconden passed by; Alice bent over and murmured into Summer’s ear, “I’m still here.” Summer groaned and rolled over to face her smirking sister, “What?” Alice clapped her hands together in delight, “Finally! C’mon, today u and I are going shopping. After all, u seriously need a girl’s dag out.” Summer impassively peered at already dressed up Alice, “No thank you, Alice. Goodnight.” Alice...
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posted by LexisFaith
Sorry if it's a bit long :/ I get carried away lol
Hope u LOVE!!!
"Wait." Alice stood perfectly still, "He told her?" She pointed to the baby.
"That's what she said." Jake stood frozen. Almost as still as Alice.
"You think she could have gotten some kind of. . . power?" I asked Alice. "Even though she's human?"
She shrugged, her brows furrowed in conentration. "Maybe. I'm not sure. Maybe u should talk to Carlisle."
"Yea," I agreed. "We will when we get back. I'm starved."
Jacob finally thawed out and turned to me. "Me, too." He took my hand and...
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