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 Bella and Edward
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This Twilight Series foto might contain salon, woonkamer, zitkamer, voorkamer, salon, massagesalon, goed gekleed persoon, pak, broek pak, broekpak, and kostuum broek.

1. If a boy is aloof, stand-offish, ignores u of is just plain rude, it is because he is secretly in love with u — and u are the point of his existence.
2. Secrets are good — especially life-threatening ones.
3. It’s OK for a potential romantic interest to be dimwitted, violent and vengeful — as long as he has great abs.
4. If a boy tells u to stay away from him because he is dangerous and may even kill you, he must be the love of your life. u should stay with him since he will keep u veilig forever.
5. If a boy leaves you, especially suddenly (while telling u he will never...
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(end of chapter 4)
    I ran as fast as I could deep into the jungle and to my surprise I didn’t even tripped once I continued running when I saw a boy he was 16 of 17 with blond hair he came closer when I noticed his red eyes I gasped and took a step back
-hello I'm matt
He zei with a musical voice he took a step closer I didn’t know what to do I just stood still and looked at him I didn’t want to die I wanted to face edward someday and take my……………………..
-you don’t look scared ,now why is that?
Does always vamps want their victims to be scared? I shuddered...
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