Versailles How did u know about Versailles?

kamijojieun posted on Jul 22, 2009 at 06:20AM
I first found about Versailles in the magazine that I had bought. (Do you know the Japanese visual rock magazine called, "SHOXX", by the way?)
Then, I listened to their music and watched videos on Youtube.
They are simply fantastic^^and I love them.
Anyway, how did you know about Versailles and what country are you from?
-I'm from Korea, by the way :)

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een jaar geleden sin26 said…
I don't actually remember how I found them...
Most bands and singers I come across have some connection with my other favorites, but not in this case. I'm thinking that one of their PVs was listed in my "reccomended" youtube videos and I watched it and loved it! I loved the music, but more than anything I loved their look because it reminded me of Malice Mizer (who i LOVE!). In fact, Kamijo's voice almost reminds me of a mix between Klaha and Gackt! Now I follow them like crazy! I want to see them live someday!
I'm from the US! :)
Edit: I remembered!! It's a really fun site where you type in an artist and it'll give you other artists that are similar that you might enjoy. I found versailles when i looked at the map for malice mizer, then i watched them on youtube!
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een jaar geleden kamijojieun said…
Thanks for answering my question :)
Yeah, I think that Kamijo's voice is similar to a mixture of Klaha and Gackt!
Also I loved their looks too^^
Kamijo looks like a prince and Hizaki looks like a real princess^^
And thanks for the site^^
I will visit that site and know more about Japanese visual kei bands^^
Oh, and do you know about Kaya or Juka from (Moi Dix Mois) ?
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een jaar geleden wittleangel2050 said…
I found out about Versailles a few years ago when I was at a con and saw their concert they performed their. I fell in love instantly, unfortunately it was really late and my mom didn't let me stay to try and get their autograph.
een jaar geleden lynxmari127 said…
i found out about them on deviant art their was a picture of i believe the bass player and i was like "who is this sexy beast? i must find their music now!"
een jaar geleden visualkat said…
I liked the bands Lareine and Hizaki Grace Project so i just followed the members when they started Versailles.
een jaar geleden Aiako said…
My situation is pretty much the same as visualkat, I just kept in touch with the members from their old bands.
een jaar geleden karaouq said…
big smile
i found out about them through a gackt song called returner(ins.) version and the girl on youtube had uploaded the video from aristocrats symphony, i listened to that song and fell in love with them
een jaar geleden karaouq said…
i am a u.s. fan also!
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
I found it when I was searching up JRock bands on Youtube after being hooked by the Gazette. I came across Kamijo's singles then Versailles and Jupiter one after the other only to figure out hte connections later XD