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TheCountess posted on Feb 15, 2008 at 07:51AM
Does anyone know of any sites that allow FREE hotlinking?

A number of years ago, I used to make quite a few wallpapers. Right now, I don't own a computer that has any decent art programs or space for one on it. I still have three sites that have thumbnail versions of a lot of my wallpapers on them, but lost the original hosting site. Most of what I have left is on floppy discs, so if people are interested in any of the full size versions they have to email me to get them.
I'd like to be able to give people easier access to full size versions of my wallpapers, but haven't been able to find a site that allows this... at least not one that doesn't require the use of a Flash program. My current computer is really old and finicky, and if I try to install Flash, it goes nuts and I get forced shutdowns. I can't even open an email when this happens. Removing the Flash program also made it impossible to add any images to any Fanpop spots. If I want to do that, I have to go to the library, and hope that I can actually get access to a computer for two hours.
If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, etc., I'd like to know.


(for anyone that doesn't know what hotlinking is, it's storing images or sounds on a site other than the site you are looking at. You click on a link that takes you to a different site for this, and it uses the bandwidth of that site. That's about the best that I can explain it.)

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