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jedigal1990 posted on Aug 08, 2011 at 11:36PM
Planning a trip to disney and need some advice or tips post them here and those who can will answer them.
i am a disney cast memeber (september will mark my 4th year there) and i love sharing little known tips and info to help make your day magical just let me know thanks

This is also a place for others to share their experince and tips with others
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een jaar geleden misse1000 said…
Hey, good idea! I'm the other expert, you've already encountered me, probably. I've been 38 times (it'll be 39 this week) and have just picked up on a lot of stuff, so you get two perspectives. Great idea to you, Jedigal!
een jaar geleden jedigal1990 said…
thanks :D and if there are any other disney experts out there feel free to share your insight :D