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When the four new warriors were done watching over the camp

they went hunting and Spottedleaf and Firestar were talking

about clan matters.

" Spottedleaf, we need to have a medicine cat can u train a

medicine cats when our kits are apprentices?" Firestar asked.

" Yes, but u have to go to the moonstone to see if StarClan

will give u a sign" Spottedleaf said.

Firestar dipped his head " Of course Spottedleaf".

Firestar was getting prepared for the long trip to the Moonstone

but then Starkit came up behind him and zei " Firestar StarClan

has chosen me as medicine cat."

Firestar was shocked...
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Reason she became a medicat because of matey issues!
Knew Firepaw for like four months
Really liked him even though he barely spoke to her!
Really visited him from Starclan every time he dreamed , probably trying to make him realize he wanted her!
Was too young to be dead!
Left all worlds being a mary sue and saving Sandstorm out of misplaced 'selflessness'
More like Saltstorm!
When Firepaw came into Clan:
Mocked him as a 'kittypet'
Sided with Dustpaw, who obviously likes her way meer than Firepaw
When Fireheart became a warrior before her, she was jealous and resentful.
When he...
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Source: Google for the cat, Edited the rest.
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