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Apocalypse:Warriors cats tale sign ups

I need 20 cats 6 will live

summery-When World war 3 has ended and the while whorl suffered nuclear bombs,we will see what warriors from Crusadeclan and other clans try to make of this and find a new home pagina they can live in,bring their the once strong clans back again

I need is...
clan(crusadeclan,pondclan,brilliantclan and fightclan)

I would love to start soon so i need them this week at the most .Thank and hope u are one of the living ones :3
srry 6 will live the journey XD
smartone123 posted een jaar geleden
 smartone123 posted een jaar geleden
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theWOLFPACK15 said:
Name: Strikerclaw
Age: 3
Description: Light brown tabby tom, with blue eyes.
Personality: Stong, brave, very experience as a warrior. Very Loyal to his clan. Very good at leading cats. Very loyal but often is kind to the other clans.
Clan: FightClan
Bio: Strikerclaw, weakest of the litter, and the only one to survive of the litter. He wants to prove that he is a strong warrior, who will one dag lead a clan.
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posted een jaar geleden 
smartone123 posted een jaar geleden
Yay! XD It makes me laugh that in the Personalitiy it has the word, "very" so many times.
theWOLFPACK15 posted een jaar geleden
ya u zei it like 20 time XD
smartone123 posted een jaar geleden
Vixentail said:
12 moons
creamy colored jas with a beautiful hue of blue.
innocent of crime and injustice, often delaying a fight as long as possible, of keeping out of battles door offering herself to hunting patrols over border. she has never fought before but its not because she is afraid, but meer becuase she dislikes fighting and prefers peace.
As a kit she was abandoned door her parents when they figured, she being the runt, was going to die anyway. Now, at a jaar old, she has found a quiet peace in PondClan where she was eventually accepted. She has no love life nor kits of her own but observes them and debates on whether she would ever have any on her own. She enjoys her life very much and is grateful for the life her ancestors, StarClan, has gegeven her to live.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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