Wincest Sam/Dean Story! NEED HELP FINDING A STORY!

ktbn007 posted on May 08, 2011 at 06:37AM
Okay, so if you know the site link I need your help! I cannot for the life of me find this one story. It's seriously killing me.

It's either a really long story or part of a series... It's a first time sort of story placed from either season 5 or after (not season 6) just kind of AU you know? It doesn't follow the same storyline.

The story has the boys having their first time and kind of finding themselves as being in a relationship at Bobby's place. The boys get a trailer/house for themselves (within Bobby's property) while being there and such. I think there are angels in it I can't quite remember.

But the scene that really sticks out to me is when Sam and Dean are first starting out in the relationship there is a part where Sam is sitting in chair and drags Dean down to straddle him, and Dean thinks "Am I the girl in the relationship?" because Sam was being so dominant, they in a later chapter or in the same chapter talk about dominance and such. That Sam wasn't trying to make Dean feel like the girl.

THIS SCENE MAKES MY LIFE, and I need to find it. Well the full story actually. Unfortunately I didn't exactly have an account until now and couldn't save it to my favorites.

If anyone knows the title please tell me! Whoever wrote it was a genius, and they really got to my heart. If you need more details on the story to know if it's the one you're thinking of just ask.

Please help! Thank you :)

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een jaar geleden WingKink said…
Are you sure it was there and not on Livejournal? although sometimes the authors will cross post..check it out because you can do an exact search for it on LJ. It's also possible its on or delicious also... Hope I helped a little bit.
It Does sound familiar... Good Luck.