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posted by FloraBoricua
Diana: I'm your...
Flora: My what?
-Flora was waiting for an answer-
Diana: Your mother...
-Diana kept looking at her with concern about how would she take the news-
-Flora was speechless, she stepped away , turn away and run. Diana suddenly appeared magically in front of her-
Flora: Your lying
-She put her arms in her face cuz she was already crying-
Diana: Flora... u have to hear me
-Flora madly nodded-
Diana: When u were little I couldn't take care of u cuz the three ancestral witches were seeking and trying to find me and you, so they could took u away from me, and I will do everything they...
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posted by FloraBoricua
The trix

Darcy: How could she?
Icy: We have failed
Stormy: If we had caught Flora, we will had Diana door our foots
-Darcy kept thinking-
Darcy: I have a brilliant idea
Icy: What?.....

At Amazonia

Flora: Why u bring me here?
Diana: This is the only place where u can be veilig
Flora: From what?
Diana: Obviously from those witches
Flora: What they want from me?
Diana: They want to took u away so they can take control over me
Flora: How?
-Flora was very confused-
Diana: Flora... I hope u understand what I am going to say to u
-Flora kept silence-
Diana: I'm....
Flora: what?
-Flora was waiting for an answer-

--------I know it's too short, but I want to leave u in suspense. What u think she has to say?-----
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posted by RavenFranklin
Flora:Hi Helia!
Halia:hey! Whats up?
Flora:nm you?
Flora:So y did u come here?
Helia:I can to tell u and the Winx girls that they are in danger!
Flora:What kind of danger?
Helia:Darkra is coming. He wants Blooms power!
Flora:We need to tell the others!
Flora and Helia:hi
Helia:you all are in danger!
All with out Flora and Heila:What kind of danger?
Helia:Darkra Wants your power.
Bloom:y would they want my power?
Helia:Rember your have the greatest power in the world!
Bloom:O ya now i rember!lol sorry
(Sky walks in)
Sky: hi everyone
Bloom:y are u here? (blushes)
Sky:i came to tell...
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posted by FloraBoricua
At Amazonia
Diana(Fairy of nature, appears season 4): OOh no... It can't be true. She is alive!!

At Alfea

-Flora went running to Stella's room-
Flora: What happened Stella?
-Flora looked surprised for a moment and then started giggling-
Stella: What is it funny about being trapped and kidnapped door your living plants?
Flora: Is just that they're harmless and u act like it is a big deal
Stella: It is a big deal!!
-She looked away and close her eyes mad-
Flora: u just have to say please and they will let u go
-Stella looked indignant but still said-
Stella: Can u please...
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