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I'll add meer as the episodes come out! :D

-Edgebono Utoosis: The ability to duplicate any object

-McReary Timereary: The ability to rewind time
Note: The spell causes a disturbance in the space/time continuum

-Take this girl with the skills of a bench and turn her into a serving wench: Gives one serving skills

-Take this girl who's a great serving wench and give her back the skills of a bench: Takes away one's serving skills

-Transportium Nextorbitorium: Teleports one to any planet

-Commakus Pancakus: Creates a stack of pancakes

-Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket: Zaps on a jacket

-Some people...
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Accio Charm Summons an object

Alohomora Charm Opens lokced objects

Aparecium Spell Reveals invisible ink

Avada Kadavra Curse Murders opponent Unforgivable

Avifors Charm Turns small objects into birds.

Avis Spell Launches birds from your wand

Crucio Curse Tortures opponent Unforgivable

Confundus Charm Used to confuse opponent

Conjunctivitis Curse Damages opponents eyesight

Deletrius Spell Counters "Prior Incatato

Densaugeo Spell Enlarges Teeth

Diffindo Spell Splits seams

Dissendium Spell Opens "One eyed witch" hump

Engorgio Charm Enlarges and item

Ennervate Spell Counters Stupefy

Expecto Patronum...
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Inspired door the hit Disney Channel TV series, “Wizards of Waverly Place,” the video game will take players through five exciting episodes in a brand new mystery as they play as some of their favoriete characters from the show.
In Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound, players will take their Wizard skills to the volgende level to find out what happened toa dress designed door Alex Russo that goes missing just before her big fashion show. fans can play astheir favoriete wizards-in-training - Alex, Justin and Max Russo - while interacting with familiar characters and exploring locations from the show,...
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