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I do not own Wolverine of the Xmen, tho some of the xmen used in this story may differ from the comics. I own Sasha Lynn Grey

Author: Patricia Anne McCarty
Word Count: 2233

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“The Passion of Love” pg-13
Part 2 of Chapter One “Left Behind”
“The Morning After”

Jean awoke the volgende morning to find Logan already awake and sitting on the floor in lotus position meditating. She has known of him doing this for years but had never witnessed it herself.
As she watched sitting from her bed, she thought how strong he looked and smiled at the sight.
Jean grabbed the top, boven sheet wrapping...
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Have u ever had a dream that seemed so real once u woke up u began to doubt whether it had been a dream at all? Some say our reality is merely a dream and that our dreams are our true reality. What if they were right? What if u found yourself dreaming a life that was actually taking place as your reality? Would u know the difference? Could u be sure that if of when u woke up that u weren’t actually falling asleep?

((This story's content has been edited to be meer suitable to those underage Fanpopers who may read this.))


“Tabby really.” A tall woman with...
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posted by Nightcrawler01

It was a cool, eerie night in the German village known as Hegensdorf. A young couple were sitting in their cottage, snuggling together after eating a filling supper. The young man, no older then twenty-five, with curly light brown hair and brown eyes, had a protective arm around his nine-month pregnant wife. The couple were expecting their first child soon and both were very excited about the idea of having a little one running around. As they snuggled together, the young woman with aardbei blonde hair and the face of a fairytale princess, suddenly gasped loudly at the sudden pain...
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I do not own Wolverine of the Xmen, I do own Sasha Lynn Grey

Author: Patricia Anne McCarty
Word Count: 1785

Passion of Love: Part one PG-13

This is for all my fans of my fan Fic who have read “Daddy’s Little Girl” And have been begging me to finish it , Well I am working on that fitting it in with all the other things I need to do. Mean while, This story is How Sasha Lynn Grey came to be. And other stuff too.

the scent was fire
burning skin
burning within
he wants her
will she submit
she wonders
is she ready to commit
touch touch
they can take no more
blazing flames
they lie...
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posted by jadore_renard
Author's note: Hi ^^ I've been working on this fanfiction on and off for a little over a year. I was scared to post it because it kind of sucked. I've cut a lot of crap out of it, so its sort of better now.

This is the first X-Men fanfiction I've ever written. Its kind of a jumble of a whole bunch of different versions of the X-Men. Its not really going to follow the story line of any X-Men media in particular, so some of the event timings might be off. Such as M dag if I decide if I decide to include it. The character ages are also just kind of random. There's just some people I wanted to...
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**This story's content has been edited for those underaged Fanpopers who may read this**

~Chapter Two~

He was cold Logan realized as the fog inside of his mind started to lift ever so slowly. In fact he was too cold. The tips of his fingers and toes could no longer be felt while the rest of him was lit afire door the iciness. Shivers swept down his spine and the sound of his teeth chattering seemed to be lost in the howl of a strong wind. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this cold. Actually he wasn’t sure he had ever been this cold.

With a heaviness he hadn’t realized...
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posted by Nightcrawler01
Chapter 1

In a large mansion, volgende to the Atlantic coast, a bald man watched as several teens battled against robotic clawed tentacles, flying saw-like blades, crushing walls and lasers. What normally would’ve been impossible for any person to even think of defeating, a group of teens were there, battling the robotic fiends. Unlike most people however, the group fighting were known as mutants. They were humans, but unlike most humans, they possessed unique abilities. Watching from up above, a blue furred mutant that greatly resembled a large gorilla, a muscular gruff man with big sideburns...
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posted by jadore_renard
Talia awoke with a jolt. Her room was filled with bright light. "Not again!" she moaned shielding her eyes as she got out of bed. She sighed with relief when she looked out the window to see that she was not providing the light. She would have felt terrible if her powers had kept anyone up. Talia stood in front of her window, allowing the early morning sun to shine in and warm her face. She could have stood there forever, but her stomach disagreed. It grumbled loudly.

Talia glanced at her clock. She didn't know if anyone would be up at 6:00AM on a Saturday. Talia cautiously walked down the...
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Okay for your characters here's what is required.

race/species(if anything other than human/mutant ex alien):
affiliate(brotherhood,X-men,weapon x:
Brief Bio:

I'll go ahead and do some of my characters

Name:Jacob Gideon Pressol (unknown to him)
alias/codename:Fang(goes door Fang),Wingman,Weapon XIII,Fang Creed, Jakob Gideon, Gideon Jacobs,etc.
age:unknown (looks to be 14)
race/species: Caucasian
powers:healing factor, heightened senses,wings, retractable adamantium claws(come out of each finger)
appearance:athletic muscular build,...
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 picture from the film legon that reminded me of Fang
picture from the film legon that reminded me of Fang
One dag in the Canadian wilderness Fang was sparring with Sabretooth when he is knocked across the ground dragging his claws till he skidded to a halt. He stands up and suddenly he gets hit with a almost crippling hearing. Hearing so keen he can hear their hearts beating. He gets flooded with all the sounds of the forest Fang bares his teeth, covers his ears and drops to his knees in agony. Sabretooth smiling walks over and
picks him up door his jacket.
"What’s wrong can't take lose-in" he zei looking Fang in the face.
Unknown to either of them theirs a third party amongst them a experienced...
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**This story's content has been edited for those underaged Fanpopers who may read this**

~Chapter Three~
A wolf in Sheep’s Skin

Normally Logan knew that in a storm his enhanced senses weren’t much better than anyone else’s was. But even in lapses in the storm he couldn’t smell of see of hear anything like he should. He kept going though, slowly, keeping his baring as best as he could.

Logan wasn’t sure how long it had taken him to get to the house. Luckily the house was large enough to keep easily in view. On closer inspection however it turned out to be an old castle. That only puzzled...
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**This story's content has been edited for those underaged Fanpopers who may read this**

~Chapter One~
A Second’s Reaction

“Remind me again why I’m here,” I said, pushing thick chocolate, almost black, strands of hair back from my face.

When I looked back to the man my statement was met with a frown.

“I told u why, a hundred times,” he said, the blue of his eyes flashing at me. Even at his six two I nearly matched his height standing five ten and a full six feet in the boots I wore. “I needed your help. u were the only I could turn too.”

I sighed. Owen, not an ugly man door any...
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