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"Yes, Hello! I Am The Darling Cutie, Yang Yoseob!"
- Yoseob (MTV Most Wanted Interview 2)

"Are we allowed to curse on MTV?"
- Junhyung (MTV Most Wanted)

"KiKwang: Have a Merry Christmas!
Son Hanbyul: It's not Christmas yet!!"
- (MTV Most Wanted)

"Er, dis-uh-count-uh, too expen-seeve"
- Doojoon (bargaining in English to buy bugs in Africa)

"We only have thanks, do we? *laughs*"
- Doojoon (Seoul muziek Award Speech)

"Are u washing Kikwang?"
- Doojoon to Yoseob (MTV B2ST BTS 15)

"We both. Secretly. Shower. Together!"
- Yoseob (MTV B2ST BTS 15)

"Don't take it out when there are people looking! There's panties...
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recent number 1 hit song, “On Rainy Days” was recently determined as hazardous media.
In response, member Yang Yoseob geplaatst on his twitter on July 18th stating, “I think I’m going to start singing children songs. I need Tylenol” then added, “This is just too much. Sigh… we can’t perform with this song, agh” grieving over this fact.
On the 14th, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family determined that the song “On Rainy Days” from B2ST’s Official 1st album was “hazardous media” to teenagers.
The reason for this verdict was because of the line, “I should stop drinking, I think I’m drunk“. They say the line creates an image of drinking alcohol and is recommending underage teens who constantly listen to the song to drink as well.
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11. #KiKwang: You're my first love~
Yoseob: No, thanks. I already have DooJoon!
Doojoon: "Yang Yoseob is mine."

12. #Dongwoon: Hyung, I think I’m crazy
Yoseob: Why?
Dongwoon: I look so handsome
Yoseob: u wanna die?

13. #Doojoon: Junhyung is quite populair with the girls and he knows how they think.
Hyunseung: I wish he would write a book.

14. #Junhyung: Though I sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep, I am still sleepy.

15. #"We hope to get closer to our fans and receive meer love from them!" - Junhyung

16. #Kikwang: I think I’m the least funny out of the 6
Hyunseung: No, I’m the least funny....
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