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After the large round of laughter and ironic applause, not to mention Robin nearly fearing for his life, the team looked over to Delta for an explanation, although someone had an inclination on what it might be about.
Batman, who had since dried himself off and calmed down, picked up Kenzie, looking very innocent, making Batman himself look innocent in a very scary way. Delta sighed and picked up the wilted rose, twirling its stem between her fingers.
“I’m not sure exactly how to explain this,” she began. “But I know this is Fin, I can feel it. I used to...” She gave a half-hearted...
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Virgil Hawkins, has been living in a highly violent city most of his young years of his life. He has witnessed things no young kid should have witnessed growing up in his rough neighborhood. But to Virgil it wasn’t just his neighborhood he wanted to change, it was the whole city at war and petty crime with gangs taking over the streets and also schools. Virgil Hawkins has become the hero Static Shock with his powers he obtained from a accidental exposure to an experimental mutagen in an event known as the Big Bang. Exposed to the gas while trying to escape, Virgil immediately gained a variety...
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