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posted by Skittles98
“Dunuphear” I said. A silver coin appeared in my hand.
“Great job Liana” Zatanna smiled “Now let’s try the growing spell”
“Okay. Cab oot lamron” I said. The tiny doll caught on fire. Zatanna put it out quickly.
“Sorry” I squeaked
“It’s okay. I’ve burnt tons of dolls” she laughed. I knew she was lying.
“Let’s try the transfiguration spell now” she said
“Lex eeb nacorb” I spoke. The doll fizzed, glowed, then nothing. “Anied muceb namew” still nothing.
“It’s useless. I’m never going to be a sorceress” I sighed
“Keep hope Liana. Why don’t we try that portemonnee spell?” she suggested
“Surup repah” I said. A small portemonnee poofed into my hand.
“Good, good” Zatanna smiled “Now, the levitation spell”
“Saidbucutaw artiste” I said. The tafel, tabel lifted off the ground.
“Caging spell” she instructed
“Abafe moc jake” I said. The tafel, tabel turned into a cage.
“See Liana? If u have faith, u can do anything” Zatanna clapped
“Do u think I could ever be part of the Justice League?” I asked hopefully
“Maybe not yet, but one day. For now, I have a better team in mind for you. I can pull some strings and get u in, for sure” she smiled
“You’d do that for me?” I asked
“Of course! u are my student after all” she smiled and picked up a cell phone.
“But before u go, change into something more… hero-ish” she pointed to her closet and clothes my size flew out. “Have your pick”
I picked some white long shorts with a purple insignia on the side and a matching white overhemd, shirt with a purple insignia on my chest. I slipped on some white heels and grabbed an apple.
“Okay. She’ll be ready for pick up when u get here” Zatanna hung up.
“So?” I leaned closer
“You’re in” she smiled. I screamed in excitement. I turned to the now scorched doll.
“Cab oot lamron” I said. It grew life size. “Lex eeb nacorb” it turned from a life size doll of a girl, to a life size doll of a tiger. “Anied muceb namew” It changed from a tiger to a panther.
“YES!” I exclaimed
“See Liana? All u have to do is concentrate” Zatanna congratulated
“Zatanna, do u believe in Fate?” I tilted my head
“Yes. I do” she answered
“Good because I think it’s my fate to kom bij this team” I said
“That’s always a possibility. And u have my number if u need me?” she made sure
“Zatanna, u are the only one I contact door magic. I think I’ll remember. And If I don’t, I’ll just call u on speed dial” I smiled. I heard a knock. Zatanna got the door while I practiced my magic. She walked back, Batman door her side.
“Are u ready to go Liana?” he asked
“Call me Enchantress” I said
“Fine. Are u ready to go, Enchantress?” he repeated. I nodded. We walked to a black jet.
“I take it this is the Bat-jet?” I asked as he climbed in the front. He nodded and I climbed in the back. I did up the buckle and waved good bye to Zatanna as we took off. We zoomed through the skies at high speeds.
“So, who’s on this team anyways?” I asked
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Yes, I made this vid XD srry if it sucks XD
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posted by InfinityYJ
((OOC)):You wanna know why Fin broke up with Nathan? Here's your answer.

Fin's P.O.V.

Walking down those dark, familiar hallways wasn't a pleasant feeling. But I'd do it. Every other week I'd come back to Slade's old warehouse for not only a momentary cure to my 'problem,' but to train harder. Brennan, Chelsea and Jessica could push me further than Canary ever would. So here I was, once again, and I hoped that it would be a while before anyone else knew.
Crossing door Jessica's room, I heard voices. I was shocked that she wasn't waiting for me. She loved to watch me with a smirk, knowing that I...
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posted by Robin_Love
I wrote this awhile geleden when I was feeling sad. But when I read it now, I think it's an awesome one-shot. So I hope u enjoy!

Robin moved around in his room. He looked at all the pictures and charms he had. The ones that reminded him of her. Becca Stevens. His love. Fresh tears came to his eyes and new pain arose in his heart. He fingered the halsketting, ketting she had always worn. The black choker with a charm; a blue bird with wings extended. She had always called it her NightWing. Had always zei how it reminded her of him. Now it was a way of remembering her. Ever since they'd been gegeven the news....
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posted by KatRox1
Mercy’s eyes felt heavy. Her whole body was numb and she was pretty sure her hands were shaking even though she couldn’t see them. The room was cold, to cold for her of her powers to handle. She shivered, closing her eyes even tighter. “Don’t close your eyes, you’ll miss the show!” A voice came from the corner of the room. Wearily, she lifted her head up and opened her eyes to see a tall female with raven-black hair and dark purple eyes smirking and walking toward her. “Long time, no see, Maura.” She zei weakly. “Bella, how have u been?” She smirked. “Don’t... Don’t...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally opened his eyes everything was blurry, his vision cleared and he sat up slowly and looked around where he was, the Mount Justice Infirmary. He immeadiatley clutched his head as pain started, then he felt his head, he looked beside him to see Artemis, and to his other side Gravity Boy. " So i see your awake" a deep voice was heard, Wally looked over to the door and saw his uncle. Wally smiled a little the rested his back on the head rest of his bed, " do u know what happened?" Wally asked as his uncle came over to him and pulled up a chair volgende to his Nephew, " well u were knocked...
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posted by Helen_Wayne
My first reaction was to scream, he changed the curse, to my aunt...
I felt like all was in slow motion, the gun shooting, the sound of the gun, the bullet, my aunt falling, my scream, Two Face running away. Everything was so, well I have no words for it, but I was sad, angry, with thirst of revenge, the feeling that the only person who loved me, was dead... I fell on my knees and start crying, When I turn my head up the police had arrived, and get Two Face, after that someone put a hand on my shoulder, it was Batman who looked at my eyes with a compassion look. After that commissioner Gordon...
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posted by Robin_Love
This is not a tie to ANY of my other stories. Becca is not in this; it's just for fun. Mclovin_69 and Bakes 2389 are guest starring in it, along with myself. Moved couples around so if u don't like, tough luck. That's your deal, not mine! XD Enjoy~!

“There is no real evidence about this theory, but the League is positive the Light is harboring three heroes. All are female.”
Batman pressed a button and a picture of a sunny-red, long-haired girl appeared on the screen. Her brown eyes looked cheery and smiling, matching the smile on her lips. Her white onsie was worn over a red onsie that...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Now shall we shock container 5" Joker zei while beggining to laugh with enjoyment from the teens torture. Before Joker pressed the button Wally zei " Wait!, u promised that you'd
use the antidote if i agree to kom bij your team!" , Joker stopped and said" fine.... if this makes u shut up!" and put antidote gas in Artemis's container. She coughed and fell unconcious. " now back to the shocking", Wally screamed in pain but he knew that if Artemis remembered and hated him she wouldnt kom bij the injustice league. " hmmmm, might as well wake up archer girl" Joker zei and shocked her container....
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