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posted by Mclovin_69
" So u are sure there is a mol on the team " Kaldur zei with his arms crossed looking at Batman as Robin sat in a green chair with his arms behind his head, " yes we are certain there is a mole.... " Red Tornado said. " Suspects include Artemis, Lucas, Superboy, Miss Martain, and Becca " Batman said, Robin looked at Batman with a questioning look getting up, " why is Becca a suspect?! " Robin said, " we havent exactly really figured out much about her...." Red Tornado said. " Then why not suspect Willow!? why her " Robin said. Robin waited for an answer but was never gegeven one, " pressing...
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posted by Mclovin_69
 Lucas Story
Lucas Story
okay so im guessing your ready to reveal Bloodmist though its not much of a secret anymore...... cause most of u have guessed who he is and r probably right.)

Bloodmist threw a stempel, punch at Whiteshadow but was hit back on the ground. " Still u arent strong enough to fight me....... then how on earth are u stronger then yourself......" Whiteshadow zei helping his brother up with one hand. " Why bother hiding who u are brother......" Whiteshadow zei pulling off his mask revealing his shaggy dirty blonde hair and green eyes, Bloodmist took off his mask revealing dirty blonde hair and brown...
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You're an asshole.

Preach sister, preach!

You seem to be in a good mood. Mind telling whats going on in your paradox of a mind?

What is happiness?

By dictionary terms the state of being happy and happy mea-

What can we include to be happiness? Is it our own discretion of is that text book answer u gave me?

I didn't even get to say what the defination was because yo-

One would say to be your lover u feel this "happiness" but I've known men and women who was disgusted door the very name and thought of their love one! of maybe it's to feel total confidence and truly satisfied of your work of anything,...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca dodged another one of Aero's attacks, her leg sweeping behind him. Aero jumped when she tried to knock him on his feet, landing on her leg. Becca held back her scream and moved. Her leg went up, and Aero flipped just in time to escape getting hurt. Becca straightened, getting knocked back door a sudden blow to the head. She started falling backwards, and went into a back handspring, landing on her feet. Aero smirked at her and Becca could only block his attacks.
“Are u dancing Shade of was that fighting?” a voice asked.
Becca froze for a spleet, split second. They thought she was playing?!?!...
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Chapter Four-

Southampton, England
12:07 GMT April 12, 1912

I knew what I had to do. I had explained myself to Alex and zei goodbye. I had no clue how long I would be on the ship of in foreign nations such as the United States. 

But my mission still stood. I had to stop James from blowing up the ship and killing 2,000 people. While the 100,000 onlookers watched everyone boarding the ship through the plank, I snuck onto the ship via a window. I climbed into the secret compartment I had built and stayed there.

Approximately eight minuten later, at 12:15 p.m. on April 12, 1912, the Titanic left...
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Nicole slowly opened her eyes to see black smoke, and fluttering ashes falling to the ground. She sat up and rubbed the ashes and remains of blood from her face. Robin moaned and sat up fixing his crooked mask. Nicole coughed as part of the building fell to ground stirring up meer smoke and ash. Robin had a cut on his forehead, and blood was dripping onto his mask. 
"Where's B-b-batman?" Nicole stuttered out her words as the overpowering smoke filled her lungs. 
"No idea." Robin wiped blood off his forehead. 
"What even happened?" Nicole coughed.
"Joker blew up the place. But where's bats?"...
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This is my 1st fanfic ever! I hope u like it!
Her breathes were gasps as she raced through the near abandoned streets of Gotham City. The rain soaked her clothes; the puddles splashed as she ran through them. The pack on her back felt heavy as she cut through an alley. A man exiting a bar cursed as she passed, nearly knocking his drunk ezel to the ground. meer curses followed as her persuers rushed pass him.
They were gaining much too quickly for her liking. She could have easily out run them if it wasn't for the STUPID pack! She considered ditching it in the gutter, but dismissed the idea....
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posted by EclipseYJ
Phoebes POV:

I could say like the rest of my team that I have nightmares, which I do but not like anyone else's but I can't really say that can I? I haven't seen any of my other vrienden night mares. I have heard what happened in them especially with the x-men. The children and teens of the Xavier mansion liked to talk to me about them because nothing scared me, plus they were the only ones who knew of my past so they felt like I could relate, which I could! 

It gave me a strong bond with them and vice versa. They also liked to tell me secrets because I could keep them, I knew everyone's business...
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Nicole ducked as a laser beamed zoomed past her.
"Training simulation over." The computers voice echoed the empty cave. Nicole got up and dusted herself off.
"You failed, again." Batman pulled his monnikspij, cowl up and rubbed his nose.
"How?!?!?!" Nicole looked around for a blue speck indicated she had been hit. Bruce picked up a piece of her white hair and showed it to her. "Here" He dropped her hair.
"You're joking right!" Nicole threw her arms out.
"If that was a desecration beam, you'd be dead." Bruce frowned.
"Bruce, there's a fine line between crazy and super crazy and right now you're flirting with...
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posted by Scarlet_Ember
It had been a week since Scarlet had dreamed of her past and had a foreboding feeling of the future, she hadn't told the team but right now that wasn't what she was thinking about.  Last night had been a disaster Willow and Luke had gotten attacked door Aero's new mysterious ability.  Scarlet was still out on her walk she had taken after they had reached the cave with Luke.  She felt bad as she had gotten in a fight with Luke shortly after he woke up, she decided that she would stay at her old vrienden house for the night until things cooled off.
"Oka-san I wonder how your doing up there with...
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posted by SSTitanic
Name: Nicole Jones. (isn't her name so original?)
Alias: Silent Knight.
Height: 5'8
Nickname: Dick calls her "Domino" because of her hair.
Looks: Long black hair with white bangs and 2 white streaks.
Clothes: civvies; Blue short sleeve shirt, jeans, blue converse, and a black leather jacket. Hero costume; black half domino mask, black full body suit, with white gloves that go up to her elbows, white boots that stop at her knees, and a white cape.
Relationship to team: Batman's Niece.
Personality: Dark and brooding just like Bats. (Just kidding! Okay maybe a little.) Smart, energetic, tough, doesn't...
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I apologize for posting so few and far between. I will try to get meer out faster than I have been. Feedback is appreciated! Thank you!

This is quite a cliff-hanger if I do say so myself. I am working on Chapter Four now!

Chapter Three-

Wreckage of the Titanic, Atlantic Ocean
22:34 EST, June 3

The tank hit the hulk and exploded. The dinosaur man was tossed, alongside me, into the abyss.

I heard several people screaming my name. I tapped the holoscreens on my wrist and the Team quieted down. I walked over to WhiteStar and upholstered my gun, pointing it at his head.

"You destroyed me, now I'm going...
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posted by InfinityYJ
"Chelsea Frewie is a girl who controls minds and can wipe u of your free will completely. First girl I ever thought I liked... but only because she had my mind. It's funny, really. She's kind of like an evil you," Nathan chuckled nervously and looked pointedly at Fin, who looked up from her paper and glared daggers beneath her glasses. He hastened to add, "Trust me, you're a lot better. I'd kill her if I had the chance. And she'll just kill."
"I know I've seen her before..." Aisling muttered, watching Fin sketch out a picture of Chelsea and Brennan. She only paused to remember the smallest...
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posted by Obscurity98
Superman flew right after her as Harley zoomed away. Martian ManHunter, and M'gann were right after him. AS everyone else was gasping and taking pictures. Batman was giving instructions that nobody leaves. and set some of the other leaguers to keep watch. HWile he and the young justice team with their mentors of course chased after Harley. They followed her past Gotham threw Central city and Metropolis, all the way to StarCity. They stopped at a Very large and very dark Warehouse. "where did she go?" asked M'gann quietly. j'onn paused,"Give me a moment i'll serch for brain waves." But the minute...
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posted by killer24
hope u like it

real name:Alex knight




ability/power:inhuman strength,shoots webs/swings from them,can climb up walls,regenerates limbs,blends in to shadow

appearance:blond scruffy hair,blue eyes,well muscled,scar on lower back and one on chest,hides face all the time(know one know his secret id)

personalty:funny,shy,reasonable,focus when needs it,respects the team and there friends

story:born with powers parents disown him for being weird so went to the us and got raised door spiderman.was his sidekick but spiderman and batman zei kom bij the young justice program

other:born in the UK so has a british accent.will not tell past to any one
 Alex knight
Alex knight
posted by InfinityYJ
"And they zei nothing happened? Wouldn't believe that for a second. People don't just pass out because of nothing."
Charm's arrogant voice rang down the halls as most of the team stood in the training room and discussed what had occured. Most of the team. Delta, Aisling, Robin and Nathan all sat in Fin's room with her. "You're sure it was him?" Delta asked.
"Positive. I'd recognize that son of a teef anywhere." Fin growled. "Brennan, goddamn ass."
"And Chelsea," Nathan added. "God, I hate her."
"So, do we tell them? The team?" Aisling watched the younger teens, concerned.
"No!" Nathan and Fin...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Hell have no fury like a woman's scorn.”
“Yeah? How's that?” Wally asked.
“Ever see Becca when someone tries to take her chocolate?”

Becca didn't go for the water, crowds, of the fun. No, she went because she knew Dick wouldn't be wearing a shirt.

Becca fell to the ground as her legs were suddenly tied with rope. She watched Dick saunter over with a smirk. He kneeled volgende to her.
“Caught you.”

“Becca, if we ever have a daughter, we're naming it Kendra and that's final.”
Before Becca could counteract, Dick silenced her with a kiss.

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DELTA (Stupid)

“Lets go, Danna!” Dick called in his Robin uniform, Danna ran down also in her Delta suit.
“Hang on, I can't find my data glasses!” She zei rushing past him. Robin looked at her confused. Kyra smirked and shook her head as if to say ‘don’t ask’.
“Come on! We have to go to the cave!” Robin yelled at his sister who was running around frantically.
“I need my data glasses! It’s like u going without your computer! It holds the exact same purpose!” Delta said. Fin smirked and held back a giggle.
“Give me a second!’
“Hang on!”
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Six:

Two weeks later...

"This is Taking too long." Becca said, pacing the room.

Sam seemed at ease. "Relax! It takes time to earn trust in these gangs."

"And I suppose u would know that." Becca said, rounding on him.

Sam was, for once, caught off guard.

"Come on. It's obvious u worked for Jazzman before!" Becca said.

Sam hesitated.

"Maybe..." he said.

"Don't 'maybe' me!" Becca said, growing angrier. Her eyes began to glow and Sam looked startled and even a little fearful.

"Why is it so important?" he asked.

"You worked for criminals!!!" Becca all but yelled.

"So?!" Sam replied, standing up....
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posted by YJTTFAN
“If I go crazy will u still call me Superman?” The young girl sang along with the radio. Her mother laughed at the sight of her daughter baging her head to the beat of the rock song. Taking one hand off the steering wheel she ruffled her daughters hair and then started watching the road again.
“Alright, Supergirl," Her mother mocked "That's enough 3 Doors Down for you,” She chuckled and changed the station to the girls protest.
“A group of heros have saved yet another town,” The reporter said. The blond haired girl gave a huge grin and put the radio higher.
“The heros consist...
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