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Nightstone zei over HiddenClan
OK, so here's the deal I'm running out of ideas of stuff to put on the HiddenClan website and I need at least 1 person to help me find stuff and help me run this website, basically a co-founder.

-Skystar geplaatst een jaar geleden
KatieK102 commentaar gegeven…
I''l do it :) I just joined Hiddenclan but I would love to make it start running again and add stuff. I was about to ask if this is still kom bij able since it hasn't been role played on for awhile. And if u want to kom bij another clan, i made Hurricane Clan a couple of months geleden and it's still going :) een jaar geleden
Nightstone commentaar gegeven…
Cool thanks so much i'll be re-doing the names soon so don't worry about that and tell me your name and desription.You can be a warrior/apprentice/or medicine cat. een jaar geleden
Nightstone commentaar gegeven…
It's okay I want to do it. een jaar geleden
Nightstone zei over HiddenClan
Sorry guys No one has been on so I haven't put up anything new. I'll keep putting stuff up, and can other fans put stuff up to. geplaatst een jaar geleden
Dewsparkle zei …
Hi its me grassflower geplaatst een jaar geleden
Nightstone commentaar gegeven…
HI, nice name. een jaar geleden