Marcellin Karauna

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  • Male, 23 years old
  • Netherlands
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TheLefteris24 gaf me complimenten voor my comments
No need to apologize over a late reply. As u can see, I am not any different myself XD Have been pretty busy and not much on Fanpop lately hence why is that.

The honor is all mine. Glad to be vrienden with u !!!! geplaatst een jaar geleden
Shukuya gaf me complimenten voor my answers
I m fine!
How have u been? geplaatst een jaar geleden
TheLefteris24 gaf me complimenten voor my comments
I see. Then, Medaka Box aside, I am also meeting a fellow datum A Live and Danganronpa Fan? That is a triple threat. Actually, quadruple when taking Highschool DxD into account as well. Simply great to know. We certainly have a lot that we can discuss. I would love that.

Indeed, I have been here since 2012. Didn't used to be as active during my first jaar (was being meer of a Lurker) but I went through a lot of progress and I'm here now XD !!!! geplaatst een jaar geleden
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
As long as u are active and participate in the contribution to this place, u will reach the same level and even further than that in no time. Fanpop certainly might not be what it used to as u most likely have noticed but there are still a lot things to do. Hope u make the most of that experience !!!! een jaar geleden
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
Also, I apologize for my late reply. These last days were a bit too exhausting for me !!!! een jaar geleden