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Michael Jackson

Has anyone watched Living With Michael Jackson and what did u think of it?

21 answers | my answer: Yeah, I saw it. I thought it was very interesting.....
Michael Jackson

if u could talk to michael jackson right now what would u tell him

9 answers | my answer: If I could talk to Michael Jackson right now....hmm...
Michael Jackson

What if u woke up woke up volgende to the king

12 answers | my answer: I would probably make love to him, then we would go...
Michael Jackson

Which is your favourite MJ outfit and why?

7 answers | my answer: BAD era outfit;-)
Michael Jackson

How kruis do u think MJ got with his kids when they did somethink naughty of bad?

8 answers | my answer: I read in a miagazine that if one of the children w...
Michael Jackson


33 answers | my answer: WTF? LEAVE HIM ALONE! It's ashamed that even after...
Michael Jackson

What do u have most in common with MJ?

17 answers | my answer: Something that me and Michael have in common is we...
Michael Jackson

I really need u guys right now

16 answers | my answer: awwwww=)
Michael Jackson

what ethnicity is michael jackson?

2 answers | my answer: I think he's just African-American=) But if he IS p...
Michael Jackson

Is anyone signed up with the official MJ website?

6 answers | my answer: yea, I keep losing my password....LoL=)