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WChristopher1 zei over Halle Berry
Hello all, I am searching for a copy of "Solomon and Sheba" I have heard excellent reviews of this and would like to enjoy it myself. I am great fan of Ms. Berry's work and I think she is absolutely gorgeous (well suited as the Queen of Sheba). If anyone has a copy of this film of knows where it can be purchased, can u reply to my post. Thanks much. geplaatst een jaar geleden
WChristopher1 zei over Jimmy Smits
Hello Mr. Smits, I am a great fan of your your work. I have been searching for "Solomon and Sheba" but to no avail. I have heard so much about this film, Iv'e literally searched in thrift shops and dusty old bookstores. I see an earlier post is also interested in a copy of this film as well. Can u kindly allow your fans the honor of enjoying this very special piece of artistry. If anyone has a copy of "Solomon and Sheba" for sale, can u kindly provide the necessary link. Thanks much :) geplaatst een jaar geleden