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afewseconds zei over Random
*Slow clap*

Congratulations. You're meer retarded than I originally thought.

Retardeder. geplaatst ·3 dagen geleden
Windwakerguy430 commentaar gegeven…
Hey, u can't say that R word. Retardeder doesn't even count as a word on auto correct ·3 dagen geleden
TheLefteris24 commentaar gegeven…
Not even the Retarderest of the Retarderers !!!! ·2 dagen geleden
cosmic_fusions gaf me complimenten voor my comments
sorry, but none of them are superior to McDonald's salty fries drenched in oil that leave your fingers greasy for a week. especially dipped in a McFlurry. ESPECIALLY IN A MCFLURRY COLA XD geplaatst ·10 dagen geleden
cosmic_fusions commentaar gegeven…
AND WHAT ABOUT THE NUGGETS?! McD's Nuggets while zooted >>>>>> ·10 dagen geleden
cosmic_fusions gaf me complimenten voor my images
maruchan is like the great value's twist and shouts compared to some delicious Oreos xD I've spent too much on ramen on Amazon, and never will a give a penny to Maruchan xD don't tell me u think Burger King is superior to McDonalds too xD geplaatst ·10 dagen geleden