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agathanancy98 zei over Jane&Lisbon
If u guys are looking for something to do, u should totally check out! u can ask the team any vraag and get a response without even having an account! If u like it, u should spread the word about it!! Thanks! :D geplaatst een jaar geleden
agathanancy98 zei over Kimball Cho
hallo guys! u should check out! It is super fun to ask the team questions, and actually get a response! u don't have to have an account to ask a question! If u like it, would u mind spreading around the word about this awesome blog? I love it and think u will too! Thanks! geplaatst een jaar geleden
Hello everybody! If u all have the chance, u should check out! Its a fun site to get on and ask the team questions! u will actually get a response, and it doesn't require an account! If u like it, would u guys mind spreading the word around about it? Thanks! geplaatst een jaar geleden