arianna grande

lid van fanpop sinds November 2013

  • 28 years old
  • los angeles, United States Virgin Islands
  • Favorite TV Show: girl code
    Favorite Movie: after earth
    Favorite Musician: jaden smith
    Favorite Book or Author: not so weird emma
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ariannagrande12 zei over Jesus
i love u so muchhh geplaatst een jaar geleden
Rio420 commentaar gegeven…
Hay, okay im not approaching u as a friend of anything im approaching u as a person in need of help, my sister passed away april 11th, she had just turned 16 and this approaching arpil will make a complete year. now, if i could ask a favor. we are actually having a golf tournament in georgia in june and we would love sponsors of for u to talk about it sometime if u have an interview comming up? like we started a charity and its called rachels straal, ray of hope and een jaar geleden
Rio420 commentaar gegeven…
its a non-profit charity, meaning like all the profits that we do make go to kids in need of kids without familys, of even kids that have been tooken away from there parents because of them being abused of because their parents are using drugs. these kids can be anywere from newborns to 16-17 jaar olds. sooo if u could please get back with me as soon as u can that would be awsome. im just trying to get the word out there for my sister and for the kids that are less fortunate then ourselves een jaar geleden
Rio420 commentaar gegeven…
so anybody who sees this post, especially arianna please, u could look it up on google, and donate, of just simply toon up at the charity and support. its for a really good cause... and id appreciate it if yall would toon love.... thank u guys for your time reading this, i know it was kinda sorta long :) but i love u guys and love u arianna, but frfr gurl please please please hit me up so we can talk about getting the word out and head towards helping little kids grow up to become mature adults that will soon influence the world to do great things, no matter how bad their past childhood was een jaar geleden
Rio420 commentaar gegeven…
and what better way of getting the word out rather then goin to fanpop right :) een jaar geleden
rot in hell freakin illuminati geplaatst een jaar geleden
robert123980 commentaar gegeven…
word. those devil worshipers are all going to hell. een jaar geleden
imaan1233 zei …
Hi geplaatst een jaar geleden