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favoriete anime titel that stars with S...

23 answers | my answer: Sailor Moon

if u have a chance to be a partner with an anime character of member of a team, who/what will u choose?

24 answers | my answer: One Piece

anime character u wanna beat the heck out of

18 answers | my answer: Kikyo

what was the first anime u ever saw? of first manga u ever read?

39 answers | my answer: Inuyasha was my first

What is anime similar to Death note?

6 answers | my answer: Deadman Wonderland I think is similar to Death note...

Post an anime character who is NOT Japanese.

59 answers | my answer: Nami from One Piece she's not Japanese she's Swedis...

Post an anime girl with short hair

30 answers | my answer: Rukia from Bleach

Post an anime character with black hair!

44 answers | my answer: Kuchiki Byakuya

Who do u like most in all of the anime shows

13 answers | my answer: Monkey D.Luffy

post a pic of your favoriete holiday

11 answers | my answer: Christmas