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fletcherrhoden zei over Dating
I was love's biggest loser until I decided to apply the wisdom of Sun Tzu to the art of dating. Worked out so well, I wrote a book about it: THE ART OF WAR, THE FIGHT FOR LOVE, at amazone, amazon now in paperback and for Kindle!

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fletcherrhoden zei …
Here's another great interview with Jenni Frendswith, whose THIS YOUNG JESUS novellas come out in a paperback collection this week! I'm a real fan of this great YA author.
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Here's a Kindle book I found that's a lot like FIFTY SHADES, but with erotic asphyxiation. Even meer compelling than SHADES, I thought -- bondage is a little vanilla these days, right? Good characters here too, and a crime story that's gonna carry over to further boeken (this book has a buy two, get one free code in the back, so u know there's meer coming!)

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LoraMae commentaar gegeven…
what is the book called? een jaar geleden
fletcherrhoden commentaar gegeven…
oops! This ebook is GASPERS BOOK 1 door LUCRETIA MARS, at the amazone, amazon Kindle store now! een jaar geleden