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Hello Christina,
Still looking good after all these years, I used 2 kind of Idolize U a little when U were still on Married with Children. U still got it going on and seem 2 be doing pretty well 4 U'rself, so that is great. I wonder if U'r as cool and down 2 earth as U appear 2 B?

Just an Admirer,
Rich Stochl (AKA Renegade)
(USN Retired) geplaatst een jaar geleden
hdrich68 zei over Raquel Welch
It's both unbelievable and Amazing that after all these years U R still in my top, boven 5 lijst (this must be some kind of record. U've been on the lijst since the lijst began and I don't see U being removed any time soon.

U R Stunning,
Rich Stochl
(USN Retired) geplaatst een jaar geleden
hdrich68 zei over Halle Berry
Halle,U'r hanging in there just fine on my top, boven 5.

Stay Sexy,
Renegade geplaatst een jaar geleden
U R absolutely stunning Alanis, can't wait to hear the volgende Album.

Here's Looking @ U,
Renegade geplaatst een jaar geleden
hdrich68 zei over Ted Nugent
Teddy, U'r the Man anytime U want to go Hunting of just Shootin let me know. Didn't U used to have a place up in Cuba? 1 meer then I'll leave U alone: whatever happened 2 that kick-ass toon U had.

Renegade geplaatst een jaar geleden