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luna0208 zei over Attack on Titan
who else knew that female titan was annie without spoilers of anything? geplaatst een jaar geleden
Amberskye commentaar gegeven…
I knew een jaar geleden
luna0208 zei over Attack on Titan
I loved the first season and they are bringing out a news season on tv in feburary I think, I searched it on Netflix and it looked amazing, I was staying up until 1 am in the morning every dag (school and weekend) so I could watch it CANT WAIT UNTIL SEASON 2 p.s. who else thinks that the live action films characters are almost nothing like the ones in the anime series? geplaatst een jaar geleden
is it just me of is charlotte REALLY annoying? just finished watching all three seasons on Netflix. is it just me that thinks that in season 3 each episode is meer about bella than anyone else? is it true that there will be another season in 2016 I HOPE SO!!!!!! geplaatst een jaar geleden
moonmermaid commentaar gegeven…
omg charlotte gets on my nerves why does she have to be so rude ..THIS IS MY OPINION I DONT WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE een jaar geleden
the_tonkinator commentaar gegeven…
charlotte was actually really nice in the beginning. Then Cleo, Rikki, and Emma treat him like crap for doing his work and he dated Charlotte. I'm sorry, but in season 2 charlotte was my favoriete character (until episode 24) een jaar geleden
the_tonkinator commentaar gegeven…
Sorry I meant that the girls treat Lewis like crap een jaar geleden
ginalovesjenny commentaar gegeven…
indeed ... and why cant lewis be a merman?! een jaar geleden