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i missssssssssssssss the time i would wake up my roomate because laughingOL... the best part was the after eps where we used to get together and laugh about one another comments... only smart and funny people in this place GOOD TIMES</3 geplaatst een jaar geleden
Bonne-Bell commentaar gegeven…
We're still here. Some of the ladies are doing a rewatch of the series if u want to kom bij them. They have a discussion after each episode in the forum section. een jaar geleden
"till the dag i let u go until we say our volgende hello is not goodbye"<3 ARWEN FOREVER geplaatst een jaar geleden
Bonne-Bell commentaar gegeven…
What a beautiful quote and so fitting for them. een jaar geleden
arwenlover commentaar gegeven…
Stop making me cry!!!!!! :'( een jaar geleden
as an arwen fan and a person who really love and admire angel coubly i feel so disrespected and hurt about those commentaren a real professional should never zei what that man and that little teef katey were saying. that was so disrespectiful we loved the toon we always supporedt them they should have never take a side between merthur and arwen those kind of conversation belongs to a fandom not to a grown up man.i know i shouldn't but i am hurt because i love my arwen and they didnt deserved that geplaatst een jaar geleden
HPMad commentaar gegeven…
Arwen is the best :D een jaar geleden
Bonne-Bell commentaar gegeven…
Nevermind him, he's a bitter ol' asshat who tried to get back at people after they wouldn't sign on for a series 6 and he got fired door his own company for running the toon to the ground. That commentary was his last act of revenge. If he was worth his salt he'd still have a job so the joke's really on him. een jaar geleden
portiaadjei123 commentaar gegeven…
well,i cant stand both of them and they both are really can they even ruin us like that.what a bad dag for me.i cantttttttttttttttttttttttttttt een jaar geleden