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English Translation:
Do u remember? Times we spent together, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Do your hart-, hart flutters? That time u were my everything, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Now, I only think of u once awhile, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Can’t we turn back the time?
I can’t believe it, for a while
Our story that ended

(My love) On unusually tiring and long day
(My love) There’s no one door my side L.O.V.E (LUV)

Even just for a moment
I want to lean on someone and cry, Yeah
That time when u and I weren’t afraid
If we held each others’ hands, Yeah
If only u stayed door my side
That dag I wouldn’t need anything else

Do u remember?...
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added by Lin296
added by Lin296