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posted by shimmer29
 Coral (sea hag)
Coral (sea hag)
I noticed that these things are getting short. Can u guys help me out? thank! ^^

(Next day)
(At school)

Bella walked inside their homeroom. Richie and Travis were the only one's there (and her other classmates) Pablo is no where to be seen.

R,T: hello Bella.
B: hi! (gives a fake smile)
R: are u okay?
B: yeah why wouldn't i?
T:you're shivering
B: (gulps)

Suddenly Pablo runs to the door.

Teacher: Pablo you're late!
P: I'm sorry I woke up a little late.
Teacher: it's okay please sit down

Pablo takes his zitplaats, stoel volgende to Bella.

Teacher: attention class we have an exchange student so everyone be on you're best...
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posted by shyangel12
Serie and Kaori woke up in a dark room. There was 2 men infront of all the windows and 2 doors.

"What the?" Asked Serie.

"Where are we?" Kaori asked. One of the men sniffed but noone answered. Suddenly 2 men burst through the door. They were holding Orihima and Mei with their hands behind their backs. Orihima struggled while Mei stood there, with an angry look on her face.

"What's going on?! Let us go!" Screeched Orihima. The men threw Orihima and Mei down while they walked back through the doors.

"Do u think they're some of the demons?"whispered Kaori.

Mei looked at Kaori. "No duh, stupid."...
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Rin & Naomi got their suitcases as they prepared for the long trip to Kyoto. Rin was packing some socks & his toothbrush when he heard Naomi scream. "NAOMI!" Rin screamed as he dropped everything, and ran to her. "The last time I heard that scream was when she was..." He thought as he reached her room. Kicking open the door he screamed for her, but saw nothing but an open window, and her handschoen on the ground door her bed. "RIN!!!" he heard her scream from the window. As he looked out the window he saw Naomi hanging on the ledge with one hand. Rin pulled her up quickly, and held her in...
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Tonight Naomi & Rin went venturing out in the woods at midnight as always. For some odd reason though tonight was different...Was it from the rain? Was it because Rin wasn't feeling well after falling from that cliff 6 months ago? "Who knows?" thought Naomi as the sun was surrendered to the black moon. Rin was watching Naomi glow even with no moonlight. "She's daydreaming again." he thought as he waved his hand infront of her face. Naomi didn't awake, but instead hit the ground screaming. Rin jumped down volgende to her trying to calm her down. "Naomi! Naomi! Come back to me Naomi!" This was...
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posted by shyangel12
"How did we get out here?!" Asked Kaori.

Orihima looked over the edge. "There's no boot around, how did we get this far out?"

Mei was behind the 3 of them, watching them.

"Don't u remember how u got out here? u and Mei were brought in the room." Serie exclaimed.

Orihima turned to Mei. "I don't remember, do you? I DO remember waking up in a room but nothing else."

"I remember..." Mei choked out. Her voice was eerie and kind of scary.

"What do u remember?!" Asked Kaori.

Mei smiled.

Serie walked around Mei. "Why are u acting so strange?"

Kaori stepped closer. "Mei, are u ok?" After...
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posted by shyangel12
"Oh, come on, I zei I was sorry!" Yelled Ren as they all were walking home.

"Not good enough!" Replied Kaori.

Sora looked back at Mei who was far behind and thinking to herself. "Are u angry?" He asked her.

She looked up at Sora, red-faced and fuming. "Of course I am!!"

Kaori, Orihima, and Ren looked back at an embarrassed Mei.

She sniffed. "I'm going home pagina alone." She walked past the others.

Orihima grabbed her arm. "Wait, I'm coming too. Kaori are u coming?"

"Um, not right now, I have to go see someone," she answered. Orihima and Mei left, leaving Ren, Sora, and Kaori.

"So, how did you...
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posted by shyangel12
"Now, no need to be afraid of us," one of the men said.

"What do u want," Kaori asked and Orihima pulled her over.

"Well, isn't it obvious? We want to get rid of you. u shouldn't even be worrying about these humans anyway," another said.

Mei glared and slammed her fist into the ground causing the ground to raise up and throw one of the men back.

"Mei!" Orihima yelled angrily. Sometimes Mei coudnt control her temper. She had ruined everything Orihima had planned.

"That wasn't very smart," he zei as he kicked the ground and burst up. Soon, he had gone out of sight.

"Where'd he go?!" Asked...
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posted by DestinyGirl
Hi!:) Serenna here, and this is my first Dragon Ball Z fanfic!:D I'm super excited because I grew up with the toon and now it's airing again where I live so I've gotten back into it and have a few fanfics in mind for it but this is the first! Plz be nice because this is my first time writing a DBZ fic so here we go!

Summary (Full version): Five millenniums geleden there use to be a great and well-known race known as the Dragonite's. They were people who could change from a dragon into a human form because they were halflings—half dragon and half human. What transpired this was that pure-blooded...
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posted by shyangel12
Three girls are walking down a sidewalk when they see 2 boys running from a group of boys.

"What the hell?" Asked Orihima staring at the boys.

"That's right, u have a reason to be afraid of us! Don't ever let us catch u flirting with our girlfriends EVER again!" One yelled as the group walked back across the street.

Mei and Orhima walked past Kaori as she stood there, staring at a black haired boy and a brown headed one.

Ren (brown headed one) popped up behind her and poked her on the shoulder.
She turned around and squeeled at Ren behind her and jumped back and bumped into Sora (black...
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posted by shimmer29
Hey! ^^ sorry it took so long i had school, my fan fiction account pictures to download i'm not even done with my project yet!. I hope u all forgive me and now continuing the story:

(After school)

P: hallo Bella!

Bella ignored the call of her friend. She continued walking. Pablo chased her and grabbed her arm.

P: what's wrong with you?
B: why should i tell the likes of you!
P: Bella can u tell me what's wrong?
B: u wouldn't understand.
P: why didn't u sit with us during lunch?
B: oh like u would be interested in that!
P: i am cos' i'm worried about you
B: why bother being worried about me there's...
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posted by shimmer29
At the swimming pool

Bella is trying to calm herself down.

B: okay Bella u can do it no sweat. it's just a little water! oh what am i saying?!?! have i gone mad if i go in there I'm done for! i have to think up something fast before the guys get here! but what?!?! come on think!

Suddenly a voice snaps her out of it.

P: hallo Bella!
R: ready for your lessons with us?
T: here my sister let u borrow this.
B: thanks i don't know what to say.
R: don't mention it!
P: u ready?
B: uhmm... what if i drown! of i become noxious in the water! of maybe even
P: Bella! calm down.
T: don't u take a bath?
B: everyday...
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posted by shimmer29
They were all at class. The teacher had an important announcement.

Teacher: attention everyone! we have a school field trip to the beach.
R: all right!!!
T: yahoo!
(the class starts cheering and yelling)
Teacher: calm down everyone! please sign all these forms so u can get started.
P: hallo Bella, are u coming?
B: yeah sounds like fun but, I'm not going swimming.
R: why is that.
B: uhmm... i don't... have a... swimsuit!(nervous voice). Yeah! that's it!
T: u can borrow my sister's she doesn't use it that much.
B: oh... thanks i guess...
P: why "i guess"?
B: cos' i... uhmm... can't swim!
R: we can teach...
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posted by demon_wolf
u have been in Konoha for a week and had not seen Kiba since u two had kissed. He has been training for the exams. There was no one to hang out with because of the exams and u were starting to regret taking them early. u were laying on your bed starting at the ceilling when Kakashi walked in and zei that Tsunade wanted to see you. SO u got up and heade to her office

~~FF to office~~

You walk thru the doors and see Tsunade sitting at her bureau and someone standing infront of it.

"Im sorry Lady Tsunade but am I inturupting something?" u ask

She looks over at u and so doe the person....
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posted by demon_wolf
~~outside the building~~

"Well Mira i have to go but ill be back be fore it gets dark." He said

"What am i supposed to do till u get back?" u whine at him

"I dont know im sure u will find something. Bye."

He then left u standing there alone.

'Great now what?' u think

You then pick up Akita and start walking around not caring where u are headed. u came to some woods and started walking around in them. About an uur later u realize that yo are lost. u sit against a random tree.

"Great what am i going to do now? Im lost." u say to yourself

You then tilt your head and stare at the clouds.(Me:kinda...
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posted by shimmer29
One dag at Venice, Italy, 3 boys were playing at a boot their names were Travis Richie and Pablo

Richie: row faster Travis!
Travis: I'm trying! so stop screaming!
R: I am not screaming. Screaming is for girls i am shouting
T: whatever u say...
Pablo: (sneezing)
R: i guess those girls are gossiping about u again
P: i guess so
T: uh guys!
R: what?
T: watch out for the wave!!!
(All boys shouting)

The boot flipped over. Travis and Richie managed to get up, but Pablo was stuck at the corals. Pablo was almost out of oxygen until he saw a girl with a tail of a fish. It was a mermaid. When Travis and Richie...
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posted by shimmer29
Pablo already forgave Richie after so many years. They went on with their lives but Pablo still remembers Bella. He keeps her halsketting, ketting in his pocket all the time and he never leaves home pagina without it.

One dag he was at school, he was on the soccer team and he really enjoyed playing with his friends.

R: that was a great practice game guys
T,P: yeah it was!
T: let's eat together okay?
R,P: sure!

(At the cafeteria)

P: did u guys hear about the new girl?
T,R: yup
T: do u think she's gonna be one of those nerds?
R: of maybe the diva kind.
P: maybe a plain jane.
(All boys imagining the new girl combined of...
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posted by shyangel12
Hi! This is my version of Konoha, only that this is highschool and there's a new student, Sayu. NOTE:THE WHOLE SASUKE THING NEVER HAPPENED ON THIS ONE

Sayu Mitsuki has always been the pretty and awesome girl to be vrienden with. But now at her new school, she has to deal with the cheerleading skanks (Sakura, Ino, and TenTen). The nerds (Temari, Gaara, Shino, and Rock Lee). And of course, the jocks (Sasuke, Kiba, Naruto, and Shikamaru. She becomes vrienden with outcast, Hinata. But, does she find love when Sakura and Ino invite her to a party that later leads to 7 minuten in Heaven and spin-the-bottle? of is it just a prank from Sakura and Ino? Check it out to find out and commentaar if u think you'll read!

posted by shimmer29
The dag of the field trip

Teacher: all right class have fun at Venice Beach!

The whole class is excited (besides Bella)
Everyone gets off the bus

R: aren't u excited Bella?
B: yeah! I'm psyched!
T: great! u should go change.
P: yeah we're already wearing swimming trunks so we'll just take our top, boven off.
B: okay I'll go to the changing tent now.

Bella is talking to herself again while she puts her zwempak, badpak on.

B: great! just great! it was nice of the boys to help me out but, I can't go out there! I knew coming back was a bad idea! but... why? why did I come back...
Bella remembers when she was young...
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posted by shimmer29
sorry it took me a while to make this. After all there is school. So here it is !

(At school)

T: hallo Bella!
Bella looks at the direction where Travis called her
R: where ya been?
P: what he means is why didn't u go swimming with us.
B: i felt a little... shy (nervous voice)
T: why?

Before Bella could speak the klok, bell rang which soothed her.

B: I'll see u guys at class k?
R: i guess but-
B: great see ya bye!
P: what's wrong with her today?
R: do u feel what i feel Travis?
T: yes love and concern is-
R: tensioned in the air which could only mean one thing.
R,T: Pablo's in love!!!
P: am not now hurry up and...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Infront of ramen bar~~

Kiba opens the door.

"Ladies first." He says as he bows for you.

"Oh well thank u kind sir." u say playing along.

you walk in. Then hear someone yell your name

"MIRA HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

~~Kiba P.O.v~~

You are infront of the ramen bar u open the door and say

"Ladies first." and u bow to Mira

"Oh well thank u kind sir." she says and walks inside.

You laugh to your self and walk in after her. Then hear some yell.

"MIRA HEY!!!!!!!!!!!"

You look over to see Naruto waving to Mira.

'Uh what does that idiot want?'

Mira looks at you

"Want to go sit with Naruto?" She zei smiling at...
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