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de keuze van de fan: Transparent one (Fall formal / Note to Self)
de keuze van de fan: Anneliese
de keuze van de fan: Marissa
de keuze van de fan: Shiver
de keuze van de fan: Prince Albrecht
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connor3 zei …
Dreamtopia tv series started airing yesterday on YouTube, if u guys don't know. New episode will be released every week. So far five episodes were released (episode 5 was released yesterday as the first one, because the four episodes that precede it were released before as a 40 minuten special "Festival of Fun"). The series is meant to run for 52 episodes. geplaatst ·14 dagen geleden
connor3 commentaar gegeven…
If anyone wants to see the whole Dreamtopia series, except tv toon there is a 45 minuten special that started the whole story (in my country this special is officialy recognized as 33rd movie, between Spy Squad and ster Light Adventure). There are also eigth webisodes, each about 3 minuten long. ·14 dagen geleden
XTinkerBellx commentaar gegeven…
Thanks for letting us know! ·14 dagen geleden
connor3 commentaar gegeven…
Unless u mean the one that started the story. In that case, try here: link ·3 dagen geleden
connor3 zei …
hallo guys. Even though I'm not really on fanpop lately, I've wanted to write a short review for the newest movie, dolfijn Magic. Oh, yeah, I call it movie, since after watching it I've no doubt it is mean to be one. It has everything, even quote at the end. The only thing making it different from other films is that this is on Netflix, not on DVD. But who knows, maybe that's how all the films will now be? I really hope not, but anyway, back to the movie. This may contain some minor spoilers. geplaatst ·14 dagen geleden
connor3 commentaar gegeven…
It is meant as the third movie in the puppies series, but it is not only better than Great puppy Adventure and puppy Chase, in my opinion this is the best modern Barbie movie since they stopped the fairytales in 2010. I absolutely loved it. The animatie was beautiful. Most of the songs was reused, but the one that is new was really cool. Surprisingly, when it was first revealed maand ago, I didn't like it, but now in the movie it just worked. All the characters were likeable. Before, I never really liked Stacie, but here she was good. It was nice to have Ken back, but I am really kind of angry that he is now always Barbie's friend, not boyfriend. ·14 dagen geleden
connor3 commentaar gegeven…
Barbie was really great in this movie! Perhaps because this is the first time I've watched Barbie movie in English, so I can't tell, but she was really natural in this one and I love it. door natural, I mean similar to the one in Barbie vlogs, talking like real people, using slang etc. The new character in this movie was Isla, and omg, how much I love that girl! Definitely my favourite character from the movie. The plot was okay, but they really made it interesting. There was no scene in this movie where I was bored. And the ending, it was beautiful! But I won't tell how it ends :P. Villain was kind of cool as well, and had good interactions with sisters and Ken. ·14 dagen geleden
connor3 commentaar gegeven…
Anyway, so as u see, I ended up really liking this movie :). I am usually really optimistic about Barbie movies, so I guess u probably won't end up liking it as much, but u will probably like it too :). I really hope it won't be long until we find out what will be the first movie in 2018. ·14 dagen geleden
XTinkerBellx commentaar gegeven…
Thanks for this great review! ·14 dagen geleden
barbieboonchit zei …
Dophin Macgic doesn't release in my Netflix's thailand yet.
Have u guy seen it? geplaatst één maand geleden 1
nmdis commentaar gegeven…
I didn't got time to watch it, surely I will try soon. één maand geleden 1