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Review by LostPB posted een jaar geleden
fan of it?
No female competitor has ever dominated her division as convincingly as Beth Phoenix.

As a young girl, while watching WWE with her grandmother on weekend mornings, Phoenix already knew her calling was to crush the competition in pursuit of in-ring glory. door high school, she was already blazing trails, becoming the first female on her school’s varsity wrestling team.

After graduating from college with a degree in criminal justice in hand, Phoenix instead pursued WWE, hoping to bring her own brand of justice to the women’s division. Early on, she laid down the law in WWE, but following some encouraging early wins, her momentum unexpectedly stalled when her jaw was artfully rearranged during a match against Victoria. A jaar later, with her mandible fully repaired, Phoenix picked up right where she left off … dominating the field, but now as the self-appointed “Glamazon.”

Her romantic pairing with Santino Marella notwithstanding, Phoenix never fails to draw gasps from the WWE Universe when she enters the ring. Who can forget 2008’s Judgment Day, when she lifted Melina and then-Women’s Champion Mickie James over her shoulder — at...