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de keuze van de fan: Gryffindor
de keuze van de fan: #4
de keuze van de fan: 2
de keuze van de fan: sorry not sorry
de keuze van de fan: Lionheart
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mparham_2000 zei …
Demi, I'm a recovering alcoholic. I don't know if u remember Emily Parham from school. She was your reading buddy when u were in elementary and she was in middle school at kruis Timbers. I'm her mother. I hit rock bottom in December of 2016. I thank God everyday for letting me survive and gave me the chance to turn my life around. I pray for your recovery. With the support of your family and vrienden and entertainment world, I know u can succeed. My best to u sweetie. geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden
jaharrison10 zei …
Demi, I write to u to tell u that I have struggled through some of the toughest times of my life and often found myself at the bottom of a bottle. I'm not where I need to be yet and I pray that I get there before it is too late, but I want u to know that u stand for all of us who struggle and the volgende steps u take will chart the course of how the world aantal keer bekeken what demons we battle each day. geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden
jlhfan624 zei …
Poor baby! She's been through so much, and is such a strong person. I know she can get through this again. It breaks my hart-, hart to watch her relapse though. I hope she knows how many people love and support her! geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden